Do you Feel Trapped

Do You Feel Trapped

After this story you may re-think your plan in YOUR life… 😉


I don’t remember the author, so if you know who wrote this story I’m telling please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due, but either way it’s a GREAT story…



Once upon a time, there was this hunter. He hunts everything in the world. His vision is to hunt every animal in the world and hang it in his “game room”.


Now throughout his life he is doing just that. He is going everywhere in the world successfully hunting every animal.


With time and age he becomes very wise. He has hunted many animals. He gets wind of this animal that NOBODY can get.


He has pretty much hunted every animal now and he has a chance to go and try to get one of these animals.


He has saved this hunt for last because history shows that there is not one person who has had any success with this animal.


So he is finally ready to go and hunt this animal. He books the flight and heads to the village where the elders and hunters have had sightings of these animals, that NOBODY can get!


He asks a simple question, where do they feed?


They told him they knew where they fed, but they laughed in his face and told him good luck. We don’t even know if they come out ever and most of us haven’t ever seen them before.


So he politely asks them to show him where they think these animals eat.


So they walk through the rivers, valleys, mountains and forests and come up to an open meadow.


He politely says thank you to the elders and hunters. They go back to the village and he stays for a bit and returns to the village in a short while.


The next night he travels through the rivers, valleys, mountains and forests and returns to the open meadow just before dusk.


He puts out this very tasty and awesome hay for the animals to eat.


With his correct prediction, a few come out and they eat it. He watches them.


He returns home and waits all day at the village.


Then he travels again, through the rivers, valleys, mountains and forests returning to the open meadow.


He brings out more tasty hay. The second night a few more come out to eat the hay. He watches again.


Again the man returns to the village and again he waits all day. And again he travels through the rivers, valleys, mountains and forests to return to the open meadow.


He brings out the tasty hay. This time instead of a few more, there was whole herd of these animals coming to eat this tasty, awesome and better than anything they had ever tasted in their life, kind of hay.


Along with this hay he brought a stake and hammer. He drove the stake into the ground with that hammer.


Now, the next night he brings more tasty hay. The same herd is there plus a few more. Along with that tasty hay the man brings another stake with him. He finishes driving the stake in the ground. He now has two stakes in the ground.


The man does this for a while and in the meantime he also brings cross-members. He patiently goes back and forth from the village and meadow. From the meadow to the village.


The man is wise enough to know that it doesn’t matter how long it takes, he knows he will have success with this hunt.


So with all the tasty hay, stakes, and cross-members he strategically places them to make a cage or circle. He gets it all done. Then he makes a gate.


One night he has the entire herd in the pen eating the tasty hay. He shuts the gate. Then before you know it BOOM!


He had his pick at the entire herd, not just one, but the ENTIRE herd.


So, of all the people who have tried to hunt these animals, what did he do different?


He TRAPPED them!


Now, in life what does that mean and how does this story relate to anything that I have ANY experience in?


Do you feel trapped


So you go to your job that you don’t really like. The irony of this story is after the man got one (He only took one, animal. He only wanted one. He didn’t take the herd) The irony is that he went back the next day to the meadow and did the same thing and all the animals still showed up!


Those animals were freaked out when they heard the gun shot! They couldn’t get out! What could they do? What’s really funny is that they showed up the next day looking for the tasty hay because it was better than anything they had tasted before and it was just given to them.


So when you go to this job, that you don’t really like, think about that. Are you trapped? Or is there a way out? Are you the hunter or the hunted?


There’s always a way out! You just have to ask yourself the right questions! Who do I need to be, to be working a different job or at a different career? Who do I need to be? The answer is within YOU!


Do you feel trapped


If you are? Think about that story. Are you one of those animals in that cage? If so, bust out, don’t ever go back to that situation. Because sometimes all the security and benefits in the world simply just aren’t worth it.

And if you feel trapped with your health and wellness, then bust out! Do something different! You may ask yourself, why do I feel trapped in my mind , why Do I feel trapped in my body , why do I feel trapped at work , Why do I feel trapped in my marriage …

Well here are a few ideas:

Try new things

Ask for help

Do the exact OPPOSITE of what you are doing right now

Possibly start “your own thing”

Find a mentor

Surround yourself with people who you WANT to be around

You can apply this story to whatever facet of life whether you are talking about health or wealth!

Your children and your family may look at you like you are nuts, but that’s OK. Because if you believe in YOU enough, anything is possible!

There ends my message for today!

If you want more ideas on how to NOT feel trapped GO HERE!

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Always remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up, then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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