Jed Recommends is a page where I recommend what to uses because I use it.  (Just know I am an affiliate to some and I DO make a commission of any sales that are made. I’d tell you whether it was the law or not! 😉 )

Jed Recommends


Gary Vaynerchuk (

Dr. Joe Dispenza (Click Here To See His Home Page)

Coffee / Supplements I Use:

Black Coffee – (Click Here To See What It Is)

Mocha (My Wife Drinks This One)

Latte – (Click Here To Check This One Out)

MyCilium – (Click Here To See What The Heck This Is)


OTR Macros App


Aweber Auto-Responder (Click Here For Free Trial)

MLSP Platform (Click Here To Grab Your 10 Day Test Drive)

MLSP WordPress Blog Platform With Highest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rating ( Click Here To Learn From The BEST)

Free From MLSP:

Facebook Live “15-Page PDF + 82 Minute Tutorial”

FaceBook Video Tutorial + 77-Page Companion PDF Takes You By the Hand (with Pictures)

Facebook Paid Marketing Secrets

Instagram 10-Point PDF Cheat-Sheet

Free Leads From Google

Snapchat Secrets

Snapchat Story Telling

Twitter Training

Video (YouTube) Training

Free Coaching Wednesday Webinar

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