Kober Massage Therapy

Kober Massage Therapy

My massage technique is designed to manipulate the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation, promote relaxation, and release knots and tension. A sequence of massage strokes are used, along with gentle stretching of the arms, shoulders, and legs.

There are many types of massage to help relieve pain, the main type I use is deep tissue massage. With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and over 15 years of experience helping people with their muscles, I can feel for any differences within the muscles.

Kober Massage Therapy

107 Main St N.
Badger MN 56714


The way a person can book an appointment is by my booking link. https://calendly.com/jedkober

Pricing is as follows:

30 Minutes – $35

60 Minutes – $70

90 Minutes – $105

120 Minutes – $180

Gift Certificates Are Available ( Both Digital and Card Stock)

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