Degenerative Disc Disease Body Mechanics And Preventative Exercises
Thank you, Esther, for your question! Today’s episode is about Degenerative Disc Disease Body Mechanics And Preventative Exercises. 
Esther asks: I have Degenerative Disc Disease, what can I do to prevent further damage and can I still workout?

For a person who is looking for prevention of degenerative disc disease here is what you do…

Remember this is my opinion…

I have worked with MANY clients with Degenerative Disc Disease.

Degenerative Disc Disease Body Mechanics And Preventative Exercises

Degenerative Disc Disease has to have a name for it to get money back from the insurance. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or people don’t have it, because people really do have it and live with it.

What I’m talking about is this…

We all have a certain level of degeneration going on. So a thirty-year-old person has degeneration going on. If you compare the degeneration from a thirty to a twenty-year-old there is more in the thirty-year-old. Same with the thirty-year-old to the fifty-year-old. The fifty-year-old will have more degeneration happening.

So to call it a disease sure, but what can a person do to prevent it?

You can have good body mechanics. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times over again… LIFT WITH YOUR KNEES…

Actually, it’s not necessarily lifting with your knees, it’s dropping your butt down and squeezing your BUTT! ACTUALLY squeezing your butt muscles. Have you ever tried to squeeze your Butt muscles before? Think about how that feels. That’s the action you want to be doing when you lift anything.

Next preventative tip:

Watch a toddler pick up a toy off of the floor. I can guarantee you they don’t bend from the hips! They squat down! They drop down their diapery butt and they pick up the toy.

Degenerative Disc Disease Body Mechanics And Preventative Exercises

Where in life do we lose those body mechanics?

Where do we think that it’s ok to start lifting from our back?

Slow down, grab a partner and prevent your discs from degenerating even faster.

In the medical industry, I have seen MANY clients with degenerative disc disease. Proper body mechanics is something that a CNA should be practicing at every moment on the job. ANY profession for that matter, but that’s what I have seen most of. CNA’s transferring patients by THEMSELVES!! NO WAY!!

Your life and your abilities are WAY more important than anybody else’s!

As soon as you start living like that your degenerative disc disease won’t be a problem anymore. It will heart, YES. There are exercises you can do, YES. I personally do stretches to keep my hamstrings and lower back from hurting because I worked at a camper dealership for 7 years/seasons and I had NO idea what body mechanics was. I lifted with my back. Taking tires off of campers is what really wore my back out. Those tires had to weigh at least 80-90 pounds for years. And now I have low back pain.


I don’t let it affect me, I do not let it hurt me and I do preventative measures like back stretches. GO HERE for the exercises for degenerative disc disease lower back, that I do.

The DAILY WODs that I have put together help with low back, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, posture, flexibility and body mechanics.

Prevention is KEY…

As soon as you think about that label of disease like, oh man I can’t do this and I can’t do that because I have degenerative disc disease and the pain hurts, and this and that.

You are letting the disease beat you. You’re letting the external source, the physician (NOT SAYING physicians aren’t important) BUT…

You take their advice, you take their opinion and YOU GET to CHOOSE what to do NEXT! If you have had surgery after surgery after surgery AND/OR injection after injection after injection…

Whose fault IS it?

Now, I don’t want to blame anyone or point any fingers, but if you are saying, well that surgery didn’t work and that injection didn’t work or THIS didn’t work or THAT didn’t work. How come they keep having me do this?

Here is what you need to think about…

Who was there every time?

What was at the scene of the happening?

Who signed the paperwork consenting to the work that was done?


You have the power, you have the choice to figure it out!

There was probably rehab exercises to be done…

Did you do them? Everyday? And I’m talking every day! If your orders said two sessions PER day, did you do two sessions PER day?

If not…

Dare I say whose fault is it now?

Think about that…

Start living like you are worth it!

For more information on Degenerative Disc Disease Body Mechanics And Preventative Exercises GO HERE

Degenerative Disc Disease Body Mechanics And Preventative Exercises

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Always remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up, then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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