Unapologetically Me Is What You GetWith each new day, you wake up to think about the adventures that are in front of you. Since day one of my life I’ve been unapologetically me. Unapologetically me is what you get each and every day. This mindset coaching article brings some awareness to the fact that you were always meant to be great. It’s now time to be it. Because I am who I am this probably won’t score well on Google’s SEO scores. I’m just throwing that out there right away. Above all, I don’t really care either.

At the end of every video, I always say “I believe in you, now it’s your turn to believe in yourself.”

Ever since I was young I’ve been watching movies that have some kind of message that talks about the belief in one’s self. I do believe in the people who are doing the WODs. What is really happening is I’m talking to myself. It’s a constant reminder that I believe in the big ME. That big ME is the Me that is constantly growing and changing.

Knowing that everything is flowing energy and nothing is static. Energy is always flowing. Everything I’ve been working for has always come from a place of authenticity. When you see me in person you realize that the unapologetically me is what you get. I’m me no matter what.

People ask me what they should wear to class or 1:1 session. Let me tell you what I wear: Jeans. I’m most comfortable in an old ass pair of jeans. Most trainers show up in shorts or sweatpants. That’s all fine and dandy. That’s not me most of the time.

As I evolve changes are happening and deep down that’s the person I’ve always been. Being unapologetically me is what you 24/7/365. The best part is the more I get real with myself people are relating to it. It’s crazy to me to think that people change their appearance or their moral values to fit in with society.

Do you want to know what I say about fitting in? F that. Be 100% authentically you and never apologize for who you are. That kind of self-love and self-awareness is hard to come by these days. Get into the mindset of being awesome, brave and confident.

It’s time to end this rant. When you start with me I don’t apologize for who I am. Unapologetically me is what you get. It’s in my DNA. It comes with heart, love, creativity, science, and empathy. Those traits I will always have.

Most of the time these articles are about tools or things you can do or change. This one is about me. The unapologetically me. No matter what I’ll always cheer you on and belie in you. It’s something that most people don’t even have from their own spouses or partners. That’s so F’ed up to me.

Get your WOD done and share this article with someone who is struggling with being their true, unapologetic, loving and authentic self. I love you for making it this far and for reading this far.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Unapologetically Me Is What You Get | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #317

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Wall Sit – 1 Minute
  • Clam Shell – 30 Reps Each Side
  • Frankensteins – 1 Minute

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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