Real Truth About Finishing Your JourneyThe real truth about finishing your journey is that you never really finish it. This mindset article will reveal that the journey is the destination and the destination is nothing but a fictional place.

Whether you are on a 30, 60, 90, or 365-day journey, after a certain amount of shifting in your mind you start to realize something. The real truth about finishing your journey is that the journey is the destination.

When I think about the end of the journey I think about death. If my Journey is over then I have done everything that I’ve been sent to this earth to do. Many people see the end of the journey and start looking for new ones to complete. If that’s works for you and you’re 100% happy, then you can stop reading this mindset article. If not then keep going.

The reason each WOD is different is that our bodies are very intelligent. It knows your likes and dislikes. And when we don’t like something it has a strong emotional bond. The only way to cross over to a place of like is to be consistent. We don’t like what we’re not good at. When was the last time you were good at something the very first time you tried it?

Think about other people in this world who are or we’re good at something that got them a ton of attention. My favorite person that comes to mind is Michael Jordan. I loved watching him play because of his work ethic. Not really for the basketball part because I only like to shoot hoops. Not really play the game.

The truth about finding your journey is that when you finally give up on the destination you start to see the destination is all around us. Completing one round of your WOD for 355 consecutive days in no small feet. Its driven into our heads at a young age that consistency will help make us better.

When do we lose that though? As an adult, nobody tells us that consistency will eventually pay off. It’s been drilled into us since we were kids. When I got to college it seemed as all of that went to the wayside. Nobody told me that the guidance just stops.

I’m not saying that my parents did guide me because they did. They gave me full freedom to explore who I wanted to be in college. I’m grateful for that. It’s just asinine to think that our society tells us that we need to have our shit together by the time we turn 30.

The truth about finishing your journey is that the journey is the good stuff.  What drives me most is not regretting anything in my life. Talking with people three times my age helps fuel that fire. Because if we are always chasing something that we can’t have then we’ll never get it.

When you chase something that you can’t have it only means that you’re not mentally ready to receive it. I’ll save that for another day though.

Once you realize the truth about finishing your journey get your WOD done. One round minimum is all you have to do. Actually, it’s all you get to do. Come at it from the place of gratitude and you’ll appreciate your ability to do more rounds so much that you just might surprise yourself and do more.

Have fun!

You Got This!

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Real Truth About Finishing Your Journey | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #272

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Duck Walk – 10 Steps
  • Lunge Walk – 4 Steps
  • Squatted Side Walk – 4 Steps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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