One Bad Apple Ruins EverythingHave you ever been on a team or crew that was so awesome? Everyone on that team was amazing except one person. That one bad apple ruins everything. This mindset coaching article will help you get past that bad apple and help you stop second-guessing yourself. Because when the bad apple starts to infect the good ones, that’s what happens.

There are so many businesses and corporations that hang onto people because they are afraid that if they get rid of one person they will be short-handed. However, the fact that one bad apple ruins everything is enough to boot that apple out of the basket. The mindset is backward though. If you get rid of the bad apple then you’re down one apple.

You can only measure what you’re going to lose, not what you’re going to gain.

When you let the bruised, beat up, stinky, oozy Apple infects the other apples in the basket with its criticism and egotistical attitude. They all will become, bruised, beat up, stinky and oozy apples. One bad apple spoils the bunch. It’s scientifically proven. It emits that stinky hormone called ethylene.

Ethylene is a hormone that provokes ripening in fruit such as apples. That’s why I chose to say stinky. The bad apple pokes and profs at the good apples and it will spoil them.

Once a person removes the bad Apple it leaves room for more apples to move in. Above all it provides a space for massive growth. It’s something that most businesses won’t understand because they only see numbers. They won’t focus on strengths and forget about weaknesses.

The WODs do just that. Focus on your strengths. Each and every time you choose to get a WOD done or interrupt your current pattern, you’re focusing on strengthening your mind and body. The weakness is a part of the process but it’s not the entire part. After the work is done for the day it sticks with you into the next day.

Surrounding yourself with people who think like that will help you grow. Surround yourself with bad apples and you’ll end up rotten. Nobody likes to smell rotten apples. So please share this with someone who needs to get rid of the rotten apple. Above all, it could be your mindset that needs cleaning out.

You will only lose one and you’ll actually be saving 5,000. You just can’t see it because you’re operating from a place of fear. Open up your heart and let that bad apple go. Even if you’re the bad Apple. Forgive yourself and move on by being nicer to those around you.

Criticizing someone without knowing the entire story is a massive weakness. You’re only showing people that you’re compensating for something. So be nice or go home.

Choose to be awesome by showing kindness to those who need it. One bad apple ruins everything by spreading its negativity all over the place. Clean that bad apple up by getting rid of it. choose to clean your mind aka bad apple with WOD #315. I did a Podcast episode about this topic. Go Here to listen. Because of you the podcast exists, so thaink you.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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One Bad Apple Ruins Everything | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #315

1-6 Rounds | 20-40 Reps Each Movement
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Deadlift
  • Reverse Flys
  • Batmans
  • Flutter Kick

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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