Muscle Soreness Versus Joint PainToday’s coaching piece, yup I call this part a coaching piece, will clear up the pain you’ve been having. I’ll shed some light on that pain with a little versus line. Muscle soreness versus joint pain. These two kinds of pain can be confusing at first to identify if when first beginning any kind of exercise regimen.

We are never immune to muscle soreness. I still get muscle soreness to this day and always will. The threshold just shifts. We don’t know what we don’t know. Only until we don’t know it. Then we learn and educate ourselves. Doing something different requires experiencing something different. When you have muscle soreness it means you did something way different and really good. Muscle soreness trumps joint pain ANY day of the week.


In most cases, joint pain is chronic and doesn’t seem to go away. Muscle soreness, on the other hand, does go away. It’s all about perspective. Muscle soreness is short term. The long-term is prevention. Muscle soreness versus joint pain is a fight that you can win over the long term. Once you start to recognize muscle soreness it becomes something you look forward to. Because then you know it goes away. Waking up in the morning with muscle soreness hurts, but doesn’t stop you in your tracks.

Why Is It Important To Understand Muscle Soreness Versus Joint Pain?

Muscle soreness doesn’t hit you right away because your body needs time to practice the movements in your sleep. You don’t literally go through the movements, but your mind does. Then one or two days later those muscles are ridiculously sore. That’s your bodies biofeedback that you’ve changed something down to the genetic make-up of that clump of cells known as muscles. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a phenomenon that can’t be explained yet, but that’s what my intuition tells me is happening.

Our minds are more powerful than we can understand. Joint pain is all about alignment and when there’s a pain, in most cases, there’s an alignment issue. It then can become nerve related because the joint has been ambulating out of alignment for so long that the new alignment wears a new groove. That new groove can start to create an impingement. In the medical field, they call it nerve root impingement.

Sometimes the joint can be manipulated back into place aka chiropractic care, but sometimes the damage is already done. In the earlier part of the cases, it’s best to combine the manipulation with strength and conditioning. That’s why I’ve created these WODs. Especially in the order that they are in.

Muscle soreness becomes a welcomed way of life. The biofeedback of pain lets you know that you’re on the right track. I always tell my clients this one phrase that has never left me since college and starting at my first job.

Let Pain Be Your Guide

Bodyweight movement and exercise provides you with the required tools to prevent injury. You’ll know right away if you’re able to do that movement or exercise because of the self-awareness that you’ve been working on since WOD #1. Listening to your body from a place of excitement versus a place of fear is fun. Fearing that you’ll get hurt only leads to just that. Getting hurt.

Muscle soreness is the road to prevention. Joint pain is the road to permanent damage. Either road you take is your choice. I know what road I’m taking. Do you?

The best part of muscle soreness is that there’s an end to it. You know that if you don’t use those muscles or be careful about how you move your body for a couple of days the pain will go away. Having that knowledge is a powerful motivator to keep going and keep learning more about yourself. Also, it’s a great way to keep moving that threshold of what your mind says you can or cannot do. Because as soon as you prove to yourself that you’are limitless, you truly become limitless. So with that knowledge bomb, I just dropped on you, it’s time to get your WOD done for today. To conclude this coaching piece on Muscle Soreness Versus Joint Pain, I wish you all the muscle soreness you’re looking for and trust you’ll avoid the joint pain.

Have Fun!

You Got This!!

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Muscle Soreness Versus Joint Pain | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #265

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • T-Push-Ups – 20 Reps
  • ABC Leg Lifts
  • Full Body Extensions – 40 Reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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