Making Lifestyle Changes Not Seasonal Changes

Making lifestyle changes not seasonal changes means that you’re serious about your life. Whether it’s for health, wealth, spirituality, or anything else it takes full commitment along with action. Seasonal change is just that l, seasonal.

For example, when summer comes you think you’re more active because it’s nice out and going for a walk sounds nice. However, what you end up doing is sitting on the deck or front porch scrolling through your social media drug of choice and wasting your day away. Really what you’re doing is getting busy doing nothing.

Or when fall comes and raking leaves is on the agenda. That may sounds like it’s more activity, which it is, but when you’re not active at all you’re barely breaking even. Also, don’t forget about Halloween and all the candy that comes with it. In all reality fall is a time to prepare for winter.

Because we all know what happens in the winter. The “insulation” comes and the blame game begins. Blaming the weather for your health or whatever you’re trying to change is ludicrous. The weather will always be what it is. Therefore only focus on the things you can control.

Making lifestyle changes not seasonal changes begins by taking responsibility for your actions. Then pondering on them for a short while. For example, if you want to change your eating habits, you first need to become familiar with your emotions wrapped around them. Summer brings grill outs, fall beings pot lucks, and winter brings everything under the sun into your belly.

A journal or app can help you with the tracking. Try all kinds. If one doesn’t work, try another one. Keep changing and you’ll find that the unknown is the best part because when you start to not know what’s going to happen next, that’s when life becomes very joyful.

Lifestyle changes are slow and steady. The bigger the ambition, the slower you go. If you want to make $1,000,000 and you have $100, it will take time and effort to get there. A $1,000 is more attainable in a short period. Focus on that while still having the $1,000,000 dream. Small steps will feel more sustainable.

The Bigger The Ambition The Slower You Go

Making Lifestyle Changes Not Seasonal Changes

With each day you’ll grow closer so the person you’re thinking you want to become. Keep going with the lifestyle changes and forget about the seasonal ones. Life is a Journey of ups and downs. Leaning from every experience is best part. That way you’ll know what you love to do and what you don’t love to do. Go get what you want and keep looking forward because looking back really starts to hurt your neck.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Making Lifestyle Changes Not Seasonal Changes | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #350

Warm Up – 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • Deadlifts – Go For 45 Seconds
  • Plank Hip Rotation – Go For 45 Seconds
  • Reverse Snow Angels – Go For 45 Seconds
  • Side To Side Hop – Go For 45 Seconds

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Each Pose – Down Dog, Child’s Pose, Up Dog Pose, Down Dog Pose

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