Its Scary How Right I Am When It Comes To Human Behavior

There are so many things I’m wrong about. Its scary how right I am when it comes to human behavior. I’m wrong 99% of the time. Ask my wife she’ll tell ya. That one percent thigh, I’m right. This isn’t a mindset coaching article to pat myself on the back. You’ll see that we all are right when we cut our all the BS.

When we strike an emotional cord telling someone a story it means one thing. You’re speaking from experience. When someone has such a strong opinion about something I always ask them what happened. Not from a place of nosiness, but a place of what did they do to you? The look I get after that question is always a look of shock.

It’s fascinating to me that more people haven’t picked up on these cues. It’s our human experiences that portray who we are every moment of every day. I can see right through the BS. That’s why I ask such direct questions. I understand myself to my core. That’s what makes me right. That what makes you right.

There’s a movie that was made in 2005 called “Thank You For Smoking” that has a clip about being right. Here’s the clip:

It’s amazing how the lead actor portrays how he proves he is right by proving that the other person is wrong. It’s a matter of mindset and story telling. Our egos get in the way and blind us quite often. The need to be right clouds the judgement of righteousness. (Spoiler Alert) In that movie the sheer fact that he smokes so much actually save his life.

Its scary how right I am about human behavior because sometimes people are offended. I’m done trying to convince people to change. When I’m right it means you’re wrong. However, when you’re wrong, you are actually right. If that doesn’t make sense to you then you’re not ready to fully embrace your new self. It’s ok though, you’ll get there with continued support and growth. One round each day for the rest of your life will not hurt you.

Contrary to popular belief of rest days, we don’t need them. Life is made up of a movie reel of choices. Each time you choose where your attention goes it plays the next clip. Only when you make different choices do those movie clips change. The movie can change quick or it can take years. It’s completely up to you.

So the take away here is to love the fear. Because fear is uncomfortable it means that you’re on the right path. The unknown is scary at first. Then as soon as you drop the expectations the fear goes away. You’re right either way. I’m right either way. We are all right in our own way.

Have Fun!

You Got This Kobernation!

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Its Scary How Right I Am When It Comes To Human Behavior | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #363 | Sexy Legs

Warm Up- 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • Calf Raise – 30-40 Reps
  • Helicopters – 30-40 Reps Total
  • Full Body Extensions – 30-40 Reps
  • Frankenstein’s – 30-40 Reps Total

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Each Pose – Down Dog, Child’s Pose, Up Dog Pose, Down Dog Pose

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