Experience Today Fully Without Judgment

Have you ever experienced today fully without judgement? In other words, today is like none other because you’ve never lived it before. Being present with yourself and each moment of today will reveal what you’re doing or not doing to be happy. This mindset coaching article will increase your awareness so can experience today fully.

Let’s break it down. You start your day the same way as yesterday and the day before. The first thing that you do is hit the snooze button. After several hits of that button you finally wake up. Then hit the bathroom and then your phone. Therefore the rest of the day is doomed. At least that’s what you normally think.

Next are your thoughts about the day. It could go either way except most people think that “today’s going to suck” for one reason or another. What if you stopped that negativity? What if you started to simply let the day happen? Better yet, project positive affirmations for your day. Better yet, set an intension. Your intension for your day will reflect your mood immediately. Because you’re willing to change, anything is possible. Hence you’re here reading this.

That intention is the foundation for the day. Each day can be different or the same. It’s up to you either way. However, the fact is that you’ve never lived this very day yet. So why not change your perspective and outlook to something different? What’s the best that could happen? What’s the WORST that could happen?

Because either way, you’re right. It’s your life. Letting someone or something external to you dictate your mood is ludicrous. Start today by asking yourself what your intentions are for the day. Followed by 5 things you’re grateful for. For example, breathing, heart beating and the ability to ambulate independently are three I am grateful for everyday.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Experience Today Fully Without Judgment | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #346 | Stronger Legs And Back

Warm Up- 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • Get Up – Get Down – Go For 45 Seconds
  • Butt Kickers – Go For 45 Seconds
  • Squats – Go For 45 Seconds
  • Calf Raises – Go For 45 Seconds

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Each Pose – Down Dog, Child’s Pose, Up Dog Pose, Down Dog Pose

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