Everything Is Not What It SeemsToday’s world is full of hype and fake news. But do we really know what is fake and what is real anymore? Everything is not what it seems. This mindset coaching article will help you separate the facts from fiction in the Wild West times of the Internet and TV.

Since the dawn of Facebook, there have been so many more platforms than just TV to dupe you into thinking that everything is real life. For example, Reality TV. There are so many reality tv shows out there. Even on SnapChat, there are Reality shows. Did you know that? It’s funny because people are actually watching them thinking they’re real. Before I started typing this mindset coaching article I read a story about the TV show Naked And Afraid from SnapChat and how fake it is.

The best part of reading that article is that I was watching part of that show the other day. It looks very scripted and fake. When we see that kind of bull shit nowadays follow those feelings. Our bs meters have been amplified by the internet because of the speed that it has. Information can spread across the globe in seconds. However, paying attention to that information is discretionary. What matters most is in the power of the people’s hands again.

Everything is not what it seems when it comes to that power though. The things that “go viral” aren’t always true. Fake news has become a popular term that seems to fit perfectly but gets used too often. As we’ve seen time and time again what we see on tv as well as our social media, it is filtered. Be your own filter and only pay attention to things that expand you. Meaning, only pay attention to things that make you happy. On the flip side, things that make you contract. Those are things like stress. For example, after watching an action scene in a movie or tv show your body is tense. Why would you put yourself through that?

If you’re totally happy with that experience, then by all means, do it up. If not, then stop putting yourself through that torture.

There are many things out there that aren’t real. Most of them are because of our naive ways. Just because you see “it” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, or TV doesn’t make it real. Because we put too much clout into those platforms they’ve become diluted with crap. Filter the noise by getting to know your own values first. Self-awareness is the most powerful filter out there. You are powerful. You are the problem and the solution to your own problems.

Even commercials have been tarnished. Our way of life is changing and if we don’t keep up we will keep getting duped. Everything is not what it seems because of all the changes. Our grandparents would kick our asses if they heard some of the arguments that happen on social. They would literally kick our assess. Catching up with the times is a difficult task because it runs so fast. What you can do is reverse engineer the process.

Forget about being behind. Accept where you are right now. Stop being so hard on yourself, because there are plenty of people who do that for you on a daily basis. Everything is not what it seems when you stop trying to keep up. Your awareness increases and happiness comes with ease. Just like the consistency you’re building with each WOD you complete. So get that WOD done and be proud of yourself. Because in case I haven’t said it to you yet. I’m VERY proud of you for making this far.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Everything Is Not What It Seems | Workout Of The Day (WOD) 318 | Planks, Planks, And More Planks

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 minutes Cardio

  • Planks – Opposite Arm + Leg Raise – 30 Reps Total
  • Low Plank Hip Rotations – 30 Reps Total
  • Plank Knee Taps – 30 Reps Total
  • Shoulder Mobility Plank – 30 Reps Total

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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