Entertainment Inspiration And UtilityThere are many reasons people’s screen time has dramatically gone up in the last two decades. For my mind, there’s only three. Entertainment Inspiration and Utility.  This mindset coaching article will increase your awareness of your screen time and help decrease it at the same time.

Let’s start with entertainment. After a long day of work and/or taking care of the kids a person simply wants nothing more than to be entertained. Because that’s all we do during our day is entertain someone else. It’s the mental escape from reality we are seeking.

The entertainment and emotional response are why we keep coming back for more. The happiness or drama or addiction to it all is the reason to continue to binge watch. Think about the word binge. Our grandparents and great grandparents didn’t have a clue what binging was. They binge worked. Because there was no other option.

Needing the mental escape is acceptable but think about how much time, over a lifetime, you’re taking to do that. What else can you put that time into? If you’re 100% happy with your life my heart tells me that you’re doing something more than scrolling and binging. It’s because you’re not happy that you look forward to that escape.

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about inspiration. Watching movies for inspiration is what I’ve been doing since I was a child and had no idea that I was doing it. Every Disney movie, Jim Carrey movie, Superhero movie, Tv series about underdogs and anything else I find on YouTube has brought me to this current mindset. Because of the awareness, it brings the inspiration comes flowing.

Watching tv, tablets, and phones for inspiration is great and eventually, a person won’t need that anymore because they start to realize they are an inspiration. The inspiration is within you. Becoming familiar with yourself through those experiences inside those shows and movies helps get you there. That’s what has helped me and molded me.

People may talk shit about those who are on their phones all day or watch movies/tv all day. People will always judge. Who gives a crap that they think. What they don’t see is that you’re building your life from the inside out. Your external world will become the internal world you’re working on all in due time.

The last part of this article about entertainment inspiration and utility is just that. Utility. Today’s day of not knowing how to do anything is ridiculous. That phone you stare into for hours scrolling on end has access of more information than 5 generations of people. The DIY stuff has exploded because of it.

Watching videos about how to do anything has also shaped who I am today. Now, let me take a sidebar and thank my Mom and Dad. They are truly who have shaped me into who I am today. Also, no Dad, YouTube has not replaced your Wisdom. When YouTube first came out I watched a few videos on how to fix my big screen tv. My Dad asked me how I knew how to do that.

I told him that I watched a video on YouTube. He said, “I guess you don’t need me anymore.” That was a huge eye opener for me because I need my Dad every day. He has experience that I can’t find on the Internet. I love you Dad.

Back to what I was saying. It’s about attention. Where is your attention going each day of your life? Why are you watching that screen? Is it for entertainment inspiration and utility or is it something else? If it’s one of those three then great. If not then what is it?

Your attention is where your love is.
Your love is where your life is.

That’s a quote from a Mumford and Sons song.

Live your life with intention and ask yourself these two questions each day:

What does the world need from me today?

What does my heart need from me today?

Do that and move your body with intention. Get the WOD done and celebrate the ability to do so. Watch your screen for entertainment inspiration and utility and be mindful of why you’re doing it. Above all, love and accept where you’re at with your health and wellness.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Entertainment Inspiration And Utility | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #310

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Prone T-Spine Rotation – 40 Reps Total
  • Mtn Climbers – 40 Reps Total
  • 1-2 Minute Plank
  • Jump Jacks – 40 Reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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