Be Nice Or Go HomeThere’s nothing that pisses me off more than mean people. Each time I have someone new come to my YGT Fitness Class I always tell them that they can either be nice or go home. Nobody’s got time for a crappy attitude and a salty outlook on life. However, sometimes all it takes is an interruption to shake off that salty outlook. My suggestions for that interruption would be to come in and get your sweat on at the YGT Fitness Class in Roseau MN.

Not everyone is within the vicinity of the town that the YGT Fitness Classes are being held and I’m totally aware of that. You have options though because of this little thing called THE INTERNET. You can join us via video chat or simply set your clock and be there in spirit. Working out at the same time as the group still counts. That might sound a little coo coo for coco puffs and I’m good with that. It’s because if you’re reading this, chances are you’re in alignment with my work. If you see this as some random dude who’s crazy, you’re not in alignment with me and that’s for good reason.

When going to the big gyms down in the city it was tough. Heck, anywhere you go it’s tough. because people judge and they judge HARD. Planet Fitness had some really good marketing tactics to get people in the door. Things like Judgement Free Zone and No Lunks are great. People want that, but really it boils down to one thing…

Be Nice Or Go Home

The first time someone comes to my YGT Fitness Class they feel very out of place because every other class or gym has made them feel like that in one way or another. I’m saying I’m perfect because no one is, but in past experiences, I’ve kicked people out of my class before. I can spot it from a mile away. Someone is judging their neighbor for grabbing the ten-pound weights instead of the fifteens.

I politely walk over to them and have asked them to leave. Now, my business sense was telling me not to, but my heart and conscience said to get the jerk out here. The person did leave and never returned to my class. I’m good with that because the person who was being judged came up to me and said thank you. That person didn’t want to cause trouble but probably wouldn’t have come back to my class if I hadn’t done that. I would rather have the person who works their tail off in a nice way than have someone judge every for what they think is hard work.

Only you can tell yourself if you’re working hard or not. Being honest with yourself is something most people aren’t though. It’s ok. No Shame, No Blame. that’s a big one when it comes to loving yourself. The Be Nice Or Go Home rule doesn’t only apply to other people. It applies to ourselves too. Be nice to yourself or go home. What I mean by “go home” is to stop everything you’re doing and reflect on how you treat yourself. Really get to know your self-talk and self-awareness.

After the first YGT Fitness Class, most people are hooked because of the friendly, welcoming, encouraging, and consistent community that keeps showing up. We even have a group Facebook Chat that we pump each other up when we are feeling down. I say we because I’m not outside of crappy times. Notice I said times and not day. We can choose to have a crappy MOMENT or a crappy DAY. Be Nice Or Go Home remember? Keep your mind in check by stopping everything and notice how you feel. Then, ask yourself if this feeling is serving you or not. If not, then love it and let it go. Next, store that event in your soul as wisdom.

People leave the YGT Fitness Class loving the Be Nice Or Go Home mentality because they feel better after working out. Every movement is modifiable. We are all on different levels of fitness and health. Coming together in person, video chat or mentally is a powerful happening. A loving community is something that doesn’t come easy and that’s what I cherish most about the #Kobernation. Let it be known that haters are going to hate. That’s what they do, but they are NOT welcome in my class.

Try everything one (Within reason right? LOL) and if you like it keep doing it. The first YGT Fitness Class is free because just showing up is a BIG part of your results. If you don’t like it, it’s ok. No harm, no foul. It takes guts to even try something new. Whether you try the YGT Fitness Class or anything else for the first time Be Nice Or Go Home. So the next time you see someone not being nice, call them out on it and ask them to leave. The world needs leaders like you because as soon as you show up to your fullest potential you go from being a follower to leader.

Now go lead and get WOD #253 done and tell the world about it. 🙂

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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Be Nice Or Go Home | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #253

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio (At LEAST)
1-6 Rounds (1 Round Minimum)

  • Dumbbell Push-Ups – 5-20 Total
  • One Arm Cross Jacks – 5-20 Total
  • High Plank Crunches (Opposite Elbow To Knee) – 10-30 Each Side

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose and Child’s Pose

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