Welcome to the Bronze Battle WOD Challenge. Your mission is to gear up for the next 30 days. The Battle WODs will help with consistency using slow and sustainable changes to your mindset. Because each WOD only takes minutes to complete and requires no equipment, there are no excuses to skip out each day.

Do you struggle with consistency? Have you ever started a program and quite a couple of days in? Do most weight loss programs make you change too many things too fast? Do you lack consistency with your exercise in your life?

Because you answered yes to one or all of the questions above you’re in the right place to find the solutions. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix program keep looking. For example, going “on” any program implies that you’ll eventually go off of it. Meanwhile, those who complete the Bronze Battle WODs won’t go “off” of them because you’ll have them for life.

Explanation Of The Bronze Battle WODs

The first Battle WODs challenge, is with yourself, of course. This will challenge you to get 30 WODs done. Just know it can be in 30 days or however many days it takes to get them done. Because there is no right way or no wrong way to do this. There’s only your way. Choose your way and commit to it. As a result of your hard work, you will change from the neck up so you can change from the neck down.

Each time you complete a WOD simply let Jed know via email ([email protected]), text (218-790-8444), Facebook message (Jed Kobernusz On Facebook), share the WOD link on Facebook and tag Jed Kobernusz (It means the world to him that you do that each day), smoke signals (hahaha), or however else you can communicate to Jed that your WOD is done.

This creates the consistency and accountability that most programs and DVD sets lack. Jed Kobernusz (Co-Ber-Nis) created the battle WODs because there is a lack of follow-up in the fitness industry. Above all, each set of 30 Battle WODs you complete, you will reach more a deeper belief within yourself. Doing the Batlle WODs 30 at a time makes it easier because of the bite-size pieces of the full 365 WOD Journey.

When you’re finished with the challenge Jed will send you a T-shirt, a super cool surprise and a note about what to do next, should you choose to continue your battle.

Battle WODs

Each set of Battle WODs cost $19.99 per. That covers the T-shirt and the super cool surprise. Find out what the next one is by completing your first set of Battle WODs. In addition, Jed Kobernusz (Co-Ber-Nis) will guide and coach you through the entire program because it’s very important to Jed that you finish all 30 Battle WODs.

To get started simply go to JedKobernusz.com/BattleWODChallenge to pay for the Bronze Battle WOD Challenge.

Then email Jed at [email protected] this information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your mailing address (So Jed knows where to send the T-Shirt and Super Cool Surprise)
  3. Current T-Shirt Size (Keep in mind this might change at the end of the 30 Days of Battle WODs)
  4. Phone Number (So Jed answers your text or phone call (Which 99% of people won’t call) each day you complete your WOD)
  5. What goals you’re trying to accomplish with your first 30 Battle WODs
  6. How you’re going to communicate with Jed when you’ve finished a WOD

Once you have all of that completed, the instructions to begin your Battle WODs are as follows:

First 30 Battle WODs

  1. Complete your Pre-Test (Be sure to write down your measurements that are explained on the link below)
  2. Take your before pictures (Those are important because of motivation. We all see ourselves every moment of every day. The picture captures what you look like at that moment. Then when the days comes of “I don’t want to do today’s WOD” you can look at that pic and go “DANG! I look WAY different!” Or send it to Jed and he’ll point out the difference for ya.)
  3. Complete one WOD per day with a MINIMUM of ONE round (The all or none theory will soon be gone for you because you’ll be making small, consistent and sustainable changes) Also, you choose your schedule, if one WOD per day is too much, then talk with Jed and commit to what works for you.
  4. Communicate to Jed  that you got your WOD done, either via email ([email protected]), text (218-790-8444), Facebook message (Jed Kobernusz On Facebook), share the link on Facebook and tag Jed Kobernusz (It means the world to him that you do that each day) or any other way of communication.

(Click / Tap On The Links Below)

Pre-Test (Make Sure You Keep Your Stats Somewhere Where You Can Come Back To Them)

[WOD #1]…[WOD #2]…[WOD #3]

[WOD #4]…[WOD #5]…[WOD #6]

[WOD #7]…[WOD #8]…[WOD #9]

[WOD #10]…[WOD #11]…[WOD #12]

[WOD #13]…[WOD #14]…[WOD #15]

[WOD #16]…[WOD #17]…[WOD #18]

[WOD #19]…[WOD #20]…[WOD #21]

[WOD #22]…[WOD #23]…[WOD #24]

[WOD #25]…[WOD #26]…[WOD #27]

[WOD #28]…[WOD #29]…[WOD #30]

Once you reach 30, you’ll receive your WOD Battle Bronze T-shirt, your surprise and a note from Jed Kobernusz about what to do next. Because you’ve worked so hard to get to the end of your first Battle WODs re-take your picture and compare it to your before picture. Above all, your brain will be rewired for consistency at the end of the 30 Battle WODs.

Bronze Battle WODs T-Shirt

Battle WODs

Welcome to the #KoberNation and good luck on your first set of Battle WODs.

Have fun!

You Got This!

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