THE Exercise Physiology Show- Episode #5

What Weighs More Muscle Or Fat?

And More Questions!! 🙂

What Weighs More Muscle Or Fat

Topic #1

Slow Changes

The method that I teach and follow is small sustainable changes or one small change each week. It’s not the sexiest in the world, but it’s the most permanent. You see all these rapid weight loss programs or quick fixes out there. It’s not sustainable change. It takes time to undo the damage that has already been done. I have endorsed some programs and if you want to know I can get you in. I follow the One Small Change approach. If you change really fast your subconscious mind doesn’t take it in as truth. Your subconscious mind is like a crew of a ship and your conscious mind is YOU as the captain. If you tell the crew to drive into an ice burg there are going to do it without question. If you tell yourself you are going to change rapidly, then your “crew” will change rapidly, but they will also change right back to the way things were if you don’t repeat the process. Also known as repetition. Your subconscious mind needs the repetition for the change to be concrete. Small Changes each week, One Small Change each week is the MOST PERMANENT. The simplest way today that you can start without doing much different comes in 8 simple words:

I Am

I Can

I Will

I Believe


Here is what I say and write to myself everyday:

I am Jed Kobernusz. I can do anything I say and write. I will hold my words as truth and law. I believe.

Give that a shot for 30 days and I am willing to be that your mind-set will change for the better. If not email me at [email protected] and I will mail you a $5 bill. You just have to prove to me that you actually did it for 30 days straight 😉

Topic #2

What weighs more 5lbs of muscle or 5lbs of fat? They both weigh 5lbs LOL It’s a trick question.

The REAL question here is what takes up more surface area?

5 lbs of fat takes up more surface area. Take those two kinds of tissue and put it in a size 12 for women (the 5lbs of fat) and the size 8 for women (the 5lbs of muscle) that’s the difference. I hear this a lot “I’m not losing any weight, so that means I am gaining muscle right?” No, not necessarily. If your pants are fitting loser then yes, you are. Again, if your weight is staying the same and your pants are fitting loser then, yes you are probably gaining muscle. Muscle takes up less room on your body. It’s crazy to me when I hear that and people’s pants aren’t fitting any differently. That means you are NOT gaining muscle and losing fat. That means you are just staying at the same weight. AKA No Progress is being made! No Good!!

Topic #3

How do I (ME) believe in myself?

I do everything I can for personal development. I listen to a person named Paul Santisi. You can find him on YouTube or in click on the name. I linked up his YouTube Channel. It is some POWERFUL mediation! I work on personal development at least once a day. I do the 8 words everyday. If you say it enough you are going to believe in yourself.

Topic #4

Food prep containers. I did some research on what I think are some good ones to buy. There are SO many to choose from so I’ll save you the time. Here are some pretty good options for food prep containers: Food Prep 1, Food Prep 2, Food Prep 3

Remember make it fast, make it easy. Throw them into a container and throw them in a container. Get your food prep done once a week.

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Always remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up, then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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