type 2 diabetes is not a diseaseToday’s topic is a VERY polarizing one to say the least. To say Type 2 Diabetes is NOT A Disease without explanation seems VERY shallow. Right?

Well, that’s what happened when I posted that very statement on Facebook. I got MANY reactions. Some people agreed and some people disagreed. It may have felt like an attack to some people and that is SO not my intent by posting that statement. (Click Here So Read The Comments Made On That Post)

When I post something or create something I don’t do it out of anger or judgement. After that statement was posted it spurred me to create today’s episode. My purpose is to increase awareness around the topic of Type 2 Diabetes. NOT tear someone down because they have it.

Basically I preach choice. You have the CHOICE on how you live. When you take responsibility for your choices you then take over your life. In the video below you will hear that in more detail. This topic has been around for a LONG time in my head and I finally got it out and I hope the message is clear…

I Don’t Do Or Say Things To Piss People Off. I Address The Things That The Complainers Complain About.

That’s the message. Plain and simple…

If you don’t get anything else from this episode or post, the statement above is it.


Choices are choices and as soon as we take ownership over those choices our lives become just that, OURS.

Enjoy the show… 🙂

Type 2 Diabetes Is NOT A Disease | THE #Physiology Show Episode 15

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