Workout Of The Day #34

Supreme Movements To Reinforce Core

Supreme Movements To Reinforce Core

Having 2 kids I completely understand what it means to “life with your knees.” But when they come up to you and jump what stops you from using your back?

A great way is to have a strong core so that those muscles can take some of the pressure off of your lower back. With today’s WOD I will show you core strengthening exercises for beginners, novice’s and advanced exercisers. There are even core exercises for seniors in today’s video.

Strong core muscles don’t have to be in the form of a “Six Pack”. I think too many people focus on that and get discouraged to do core stability exercises because of the stigma of that sick pack.

Another reason for a strong back is lower back pain. If you suffer from that kind of pain you know what every time you put pressure on your back it hurts worse. Today’s WOD covers core muscle exercises for lower back pain too!

Core training doesn’t and in my opinion shouldn’t be painful to your lower back. There are a ton of exercises out there that claim to be the best core exercises for lower back pain and core strengthening, but with today’s WOD these truly are supreme movements to reinforce core strength.

So enough talk let’s get to some action…

Here it is…

WOD #34 Supreme Movements To Reinforce Core

4-6 Rounds

  • Flutter Kick- 30 reps
  • Bridges- 30 reps
  • Bicycles- 30 reps
  • V-Holds- 30 seconds

The video below shows you exactly what to do!

You Got This!!

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