Aging is a part of life and squatting down aging knees is going to happen. Basically we have to ask ourselves this very question…

Can I get up off the floor without using your hands?

There is a test out there called the sit-to-stand test. Today’s WOD I cover a little portion of it and the workout itself will be a major asset to the overall score.

I get specific questions like…

How do I strengthen my knees?


Are squats bad for you?

I’ve even gotten…

Should seniors do squats?

The answer to these questions is in today’s video.

But a shorter version is basically let pain be your guide. Squats are good for for your knees and can be good for everyone. a shallow squat is just as effective on a weak muscle.

Basically all you really need to do is sit down and stand up. That is a squat in itself.

Another good question to ask yourself is this…

What will keep me upright and out of a nursing home?

There might be a TON of answer for this question, because we are talking about movement let’s keep in that wheelhouse shall we.

The answer is our legs. Our legs will help us move. They will keep us upright and mobile for as long as we use them. What’s the number one problem killing older adults? Indirectly it’s the falls that happen.

Preventing a fall starts with the ability to be and stay upright. Therefore I created today’s WOD. You have the choice to either stay right where you’re at with your abilities or improve. The choice is yours.

So have fun and let’s get to it.

WOD #168 Squatting Down Aging Knees

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

1 – 6 Rounds

  • Squats @ 100 Reps

Cool Down – Down Dog for 5 deeps breaths or sitting and doing 10 deep breaths

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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