Powerful Motions Involving HappinessThink about what makes you happy. That’s what today’s WOD is all about. Powerful motions involving happiness is a great start to get yourself back into a level of health that either you once had or want.

Working With Powerful Motions Involving Happiness

There are plenty of motion quotes and sayings out there. What’s really funny to me is that we keep looking for more of them. Seriously YOU are the answer. YOU…

When I started to learn about what I LOVED doing I was merely making videos and not knowing that I LOVE to do that. My children (who make a fun/distracting/entertaining appearance in today’s video) have learned SO much I didn’t even realize it.

Movement is life…

Movement is motion…

Movement is…

Motion and happiness have more in common than you think. When moving you are creating a TON of pattern interruptions within your brain and all the neurotransmitters…

All those big words for…

Get in Motion MORE = Have more HAPPINESS

When I move and workout, as you will see in the video I feel INSTANTLY better and happier. Molly and Samuel are happier too.

Ok, let’s get it going and see how happy you feel after you try today’s WOD…

WOD #59 Powerful Motions Involving Happiness

5 Rounds
AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

  • Plyo Push Ups
  • Dips
  • Side Crunches

You Got This!

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