Have you ever looked at the food label and wondered what you should be looking for? Well today’s episode I talk about that exact thing. Macros Mindset and Food are things that people don’t put in the same category when it comes to simply ways for losing weight.

When you first think about macros what comes to mind?

My intuition tells me that you have no idea what they are and that’s ok.

Macros is a word short for Macronutrients. Macronutrients are the amount of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat that is in a food source.

I’ve noticed a HUGE shift in what people are looking for when it comes to food choices. They are looking for quick, easy and convenient. Therefore quality can sometimes go to the wayside.

People may think I’m outside of this shift. NO WAY. Quick and easy? Sign me up! Because it’s quick and easy it also has to be storable. Meaning the expiration date will most likely be more than 3-6 months from now. With that kind of processing comes chemicals.

When looking for the “best” source of food or “energy” as I like to call it, a person can look at 3 spots on the label.

  • 1. How much Protein to Carb ratio is in this food?
    • You want to find foods that are higher in protein for the amount of carbs you’re taking in.
  • 2. Can you read ALL the ingredients in the list?
    • If you can’t it usually means there are a TON of chemicals in it that your body doesn’t know what to do with, as a result will store that food as potential energy aka fat.
  • 3. How much sugar is in it?
    • A person who wants to lose “weight” or body mass is recommended to take in no more than 40 grams of sugar each day. Good luck with that. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Even “sugar free” options have artificial sugar in it and still gets stored as fat. Therefore try the best you can to be AWARE of your intake and you will start to see the shift from processed foods to fresh foods pretty quickly.

Now, with all that information I’ll let you in a little secret…

The secret to this “food” thing is how you VIEW your food intake. If you tie an emotion with food you’re doomed from the get go. Meaning when you eat chocolate you feel really good and as a result of you eating it your body has a massive amount of joy, don’t expect to much change to happen.

When you eat that mini chocolate bar and your metabolism isn’t burning hot all that’s happening is your body will store it in the places you don’t want it to go.

How I see food is energy. I use energy either mentally or physically every day. I need to replenish that energy. If I create a deficit I will “lose” energy aka fat. I don’t want to create a deficit too many days in a row though because then my body will create a new norm. Therefore I constantly am keeping it guessing.

Each time I eat there is no emotion with food. My intuition tells me that addressing the emotion tied to the food is the first place a person would want to start at.

From there you awareness heightens and you start to make better choices.

In the video below you’ll see what food choices to make instead of others.

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Have fun!

You Got This!

Macros Mindset And Food | THE #Physiology Show Episode 12

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