hyper brain focus movementsBeing around my children all the time keeps me energized, but sometimes we all lack focus. Today’s WOD will provide you with hyper brain focus movements and are actually kind of fun.

Our shoulders and triceps are two muscles that provide a direct link to our brain as far as focus goes. There are studies out there that say the stronger the triceps the stronger the focus. While arm circles don’t FEEL like much of a tricep workout, they really are.

Assisting muscle groups to the shoulder muscle (Deltoid), like the triceps help maneuver the arm. Arm circles also provide a bit of a challenge to our minds because they make us stop and think about movement in a circular motion. Did you catch that? It makes you STOP and THINK about ONE thing…

Nearly impossible when it comes to today’s world right? LOL

The rest of the WOD also helps your brain in the way of body weight. As I said before…

Why Load Your Body Before Your Body Tells You, You Can?

Meaning, try body weight movements first and do the best you can, for about a year. THEN start adding weights.


When you think you’ve lost all focus on what’s important come back to the basics. You’ll see how easy it is to get off track, but with practice you’ll see how easy you can real yourself in too.

So let’s get FOCUSED and crush today’s WOD shall we?

WOD #187 Hyper Brain Focus Movements

Warm-Up – 5 minutes cardio

1-6 Rounds
Tabata Training

  • Arm Circles- 20 Seconds Forward, Backwards, In Front, Over Head
  • Flutter Kick- 20 seconds
  • Plank Pulse- 20 seconds
  • Side Raise Cross- 20 seconds

Cool Down- 5 Deep Breaths in Down Dog Pose

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