How To Get A Kardashian ButtAfter getting this question from MANY of my clients I thought it was time to shed some light on this question. How to get a kardashian butt is often over thought about.

Think about it…

While people pay thousands of dollars to have a Personal Trainer write them a special program for the “Kardashian Butt”, you really don’t need all of that. Now I’m not taking anything away from the Kardashian’s because they’re pretty business savvy and know how to market what they got. Hence why they make millions of dollars by the way the look alone.

In addition to all of the Leg WODs created, it comes down to the simplest form of getting a bigger butt. There’s only one movement that can give you the MOST benefit…


Today’s WOD you will CHOOSE to do more or less than the recommended reps. (oh my gosh did he say CHOOSE?). Yes, you will CHOOSE how many reps to complete in each round. Of course I provide a suggestion, which is exactly how you get to that Kardashian look, but you don’t HAVE to do anything I say. You GET to, wink wink. (And if you think ONE WOD will get you the Kardashian Butt, then you’re missing the point of consistency)

As a result of that suggestion you might think you won’t have time to get all the reps done. Therefore the following scenario has been offered to you: Simply get as many done as you can first thing in the morning. Then get the next round done at your “first break” at work. Again at your lunch time and right away after you get home from work. Now, if you’d get 2 rounds done in the morning, and 3 done throughout your day, that leaves you one round left after supper.

Breaking your usual pattern of life is exactly what it takes to get and STAY healthy. Spontaneity helps your soul come to life. Fueling what means to you most will help that. I understand that squats may be difficult and that’s why modifications are needed.

That’s what is all about. Getting it done in a way that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. That’s where REAL change happens… In your Uncomfort Zone.

Go get it.

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So let’s get to it shall we #Kobernation?

WOD #204 How To Get A Kardashian Butt

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • Reps: Your Choice On How Many Reps
  • My Suggestion: 6 Rounds Of 204 Reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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