Hot Celebrity Leg WorkoutThere are many trainers out there promising the BEST Hot Celebrity Leg Workout, but do they come with modifications for someone who isn’t a celebrity?

I bet they don’t… 😉

This is a great leg workout at home or anywhere you want to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. You don’t even need equipment. WOD #56 is also a great leg workout for strength.

What’s really cool about today’s world is that the internet connects us in a more intimate way. I hope that you don’t take that the wrong way, but having access to professionals (Like myself) has never been easier…

My point of bringing that up is to two fold…

1. You CAN have Hot Legs like a celebrity, you simply have to CHOOSE to take the proper preparation to do so.

2. You don’t have to be a size 2 to have Hot Legs like a celebrity.

Take it from a guys perspective ladies, strong and confident personalities with muscular looking legs (but not TOO much) is HOT!

And fellas WOD #56 isn’t ONLY for women. Men NEED strong legs too. We also secretly WANT Hot Celebrity Legs too! 😉

So lets get to it…

WOD #56 Hot Celebrity Leg Workout

2-3 Rounds Tabata Style…

  • Squat SIde kicks- 20 Seconds
  • Rest- 10 Seconds
  • Squat Side Punch- 20 Seconds
  • Rest- 10 Seconds
  • Squat Hold with Calf Raises- 20 Seconds
  • Rest- 10 Seconds
  • Squat Hold with Side Bends- 20 Seconds
  • Rest 10 Seconds
  • Repeat the WOD 2-3 more Rounds!!

You Got This!

Remember the video below shows you how to do it AND I show you modifications if you want them. If you want more specific modifications then email me at [email protected]

I bet Google has MANY options for this one… Go Here To Check Them Out... If you DARE… LOL

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