Flabby Under Arm GrindIt is becoming very apparent to me that everyone wants to get rid of flabby arms in a week. Well today’s WOD is all about flabby under arm grind. What that means is it’s time to work as hard as you can to get those results…

Flabby Under Arm Grinds The Fat Away

There are MANY arm exercises for flabby underarms out there, but the tried and TRUE ways is the push up. Why not right?

Many of my clients start out telling me that they “can’t” do push-ups. Well, watch the video below and I show you modifications that will help you or ANYONE, even my grandma, do a push-up. That is NO lie.

There are SO many claims for flabby underarms treatment. Why would you pay someone to do something that YOU can do yourself?

I personally hated push-ups growing up. I was the kid who could never do them. I was too fat. It happens, but it’s not an excuse NOT to do them. With today’s WOD I show you, again in the video below, how to get rid of underarm flab.

We all carry “tissue” under our arms. The only difference in what kind of tissue is up to you. If you don’t USE the muscle under your arms, then it atrophies (fancy word for gets smaller and weaker) and the fat is stacked on. Then that is why your underarm looks flabby.

When the muscle is there, it may still “look” flabby, but when you flex the muscle ALL that “look” is nice lines and strong looking arms.

I get this question from my clients all the time:

How do I get rid of arm flab fast?

The truth is that you cannot “spot train” your body. You body will take the extra body fat from where IT wants to first. Don’t you think if there were ways to spot train your body and exact things you “should” be doing to burn fat in the exact spot that YOU want to burn, I would just show you what to do?

If I had THAT kind of magical power, then I would bottle that shit up and sell the hell out of it!


Sadly, I don’t…


So please, do yourself, and your bank account, a favor and stop paying people to either remove the fat or paying for products to remove the fat. IT”S NOT POSSIBLE!

And yes, that was me yelling…

Okay okay…

I will get off my soap box and get to today’s WOD…

WOD #67 Flabby Under Arm Grind

  • Beginners- 50 Push-ups
  • Advanced- 100 Push-ups

You GOT this!!

I KNOW you do!!

Now it’s time that YOU know you do!!

Have fun with this one…

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