Butt Routine For HomeWell, in case you haven’t noticed any patterns here yet, I will let you in on a secret. This butt routine for home use will have exercises to make your buttocks bigger.

Now, I understand what you might be worrying about when it comes to making your “Butt” bigger. This WOD will not do that. It will help the muscles that makes UP your butt bigger and stronger. Which in turn will make your butt smaller.

Whoa!! Right?!!

I get this question a lot from my clients:

What exercises lift your buttocks ???

Well, all glute workouts will help. For example thigh exercises will help your legs seem sleek and small. The single leg glute bridge is an AWESOME exercise for the “lift” you may be looking for.

I talked about bootylicious workouts in WOD #46. That patter I talked about is my workouts don’t ever over work your body. Over use injuries happen because you don’t give your muscles a day of rest.

That is why I create upper body WODs, then lower body WODs, then front of body WODs, then back of body WODs.

Make sense?

The video below shows you exactly what how to do this WOD.

So here it is…

WOD #50 Butt Routine For Home

3 Rounds

  • Quad Reach- 40 reps total
  • REST 10 seconds
  • Lateral Squat- 20 reps total
  • REST 10 seconds
  • Kneeling Reverse Fly- 40 reps total
  • Rest 10 seconds

MAKE today YOURS!!

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