Best Things In Life Arent ThingsThis story about what people say comes from a Dr. who I won’t name, but she said I could use her story. The Best Things In Life Arent Things and she will attest to that.

She has been a part of the #Kobernation since day 1 and loves it. If she wants to share this and let people know this is her story I’ll leave it to her, but maybe this will give someone the opportunity to see that the best things in life arent things.

Here is what she said about what happened to her:


Wow! Perfect day for getting some flowers sit out around the house. I spent about 4+ hours putting plants out, rearranging lawn ornaments, and sweeping leaves out of my rock beds.

Tried to modify some of tasks to stay within my limits… I know I pushed it, but it was SO great to be outside playing in the plants…

I loved it!! It was the perfect day! 🙂

One of the best things was being able to put things up and STAND for that long!!!! As I was standing at my front deck trimming up the flower pots, that I had scattered on there, I just thought how fantastic it felt to be able to stand without being in pain!!

What a blessing!!

Yes, my back is pretty darn achy sore, but I was standing WITHOUT NERVE PAIN!!!

I’m pretty sure most all of us have known that feeling and dealt with it. So you know how HUGE, HUGE, HUGE that is!!! Loving life folks– the simple things are the best!! 🙂 🙂


This can be any of us, she simply decides every day that she will NOT lead the same lifestyle any longer. What the daily WODs and the #Kobernation gives her are the three pillars that make for a solid foundation.

1. Consistency
2. Determination
3. Community

When she decided she was going “all in” she gave herself the permission to move again. It IS that simple.

We get it in our heads that we “Can’t” perform a certain movement ever again, because of an injury.

I hope her story inspires others with chronic pain (ANY pain for that matter) to look at this and decide for themselves that they too can do give themselves permission to overcome ANY obstacle that stands in their way, like she did.

The Best Things In Life Arent Things at all

They come from within, and that my friends, has WAY more power than any THING you could ever have.

So if YOU want into this AWESOME group of people, then email me [email protected] and let’s get going.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

Your Movement Coach,

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