Why My Food Intake Does Not Matter
I eat food for energy use not for taste. That’s why my food intake does not matter. In college I had to track my calories for a month. It was a giant pain in the a$$. However, it was the best experience to gain awareness of what I put in my mouth.

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Why my food intakes does not matter today is because of the perspective I have regarding food. Full disclosure here though. There are still emotional ties to some foods. For example, pizza cake and ice cream are still major staples in my diet. Because of that I am very aware of the amount of each that I eat.

Most people are disproportionately off when it comes to self reporting their calories used versus calories taken in. There’s a study that shows people self reporting that they moved for 2,000 calories and only took in 1,000 calories. However, it was quite the opposite. They took in 2,000 calories and moved for 1,000 calories.

They know this because after they reported that they are “all the right things” and exercised for the recommended amount, they still couldn’t move the scale or tape measure. That’s because they were lying. Not to the people who they were reporting to, but to themselves. It’s a mindset that a person takes on because they’ve been told that what they are doing is wrong.

Simply know this…

There is no –

  • Right Way
  • Wrong Way
  • There is simply YOUR way

People ask me all the time why I still eat the way I do and why my food intake does not matter. It’s because I’m completely happy about what I’m working towards. Notice I didn’t say “I’m happy with the way I look.” We are all a work in progress and I am accepting that. I’ve also accepted that it may take my entire life to be happy with myself. Then I’ve actually started to reverse engineer that process.

That’s why I created The 365 WOD Journey. To give yourself an entire year to come to terms with that exact mindset. By the time you reach WOD 365 it is my intention for you to understand, accept and express that way of being. Tracking your calories in an honest way is one way that has helped me. Notice I said honest. Only with yourself is that possible.

Another way is to not weigh yourself. Forget the scale. Inches is where it’s at. Your body is constantly changing with the changes you’re putting into effect. Pay attention to inches for sure. Also the way your cloths fit. It’s a WAY better indicator than weight. Your weight can change by drinking a glass of water and then again by going to the bathroom.

Doctors use weight to measure/assess “health” because it’s the easiest way to blanket the population without taking too much time or money. Just remember, the tortuous wins the race by being steady and consistent and the hare loses because it wastes all of its energy by going too fast and too hard out of the gate.

Everything takes time. Enjoy the journey because the destination is the end. I believe that once we reach our “destination” we die. In a sense we do die, but the way I’m referring to is our heart stops beating and we move onto the afterlife. That’s simply my belief. Take that as you may.

I talk so much about why my food intake does not matter because I’ve done the inner work to become the person that I want to be. Now it’s your turn. When you complete all 365 WODs consecutively it is my dream for you to become an entirely different person. Please contact me when you finish because it means the world to me that because of me you’ve changed everything in your life.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Why My Food Intake Does Not Matter | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #354 | Shoulder Mobile & Stabilization

Warm Up- 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • Chest Squeeze – Squeeze For 30 Seconds
  • Arm Circles – 30 Seconds Forward / 30 Seconds Backward
  • Supermans – Pulse For 30 SecondsBounce In Place – Go For 1 Minute

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Each Pose – Down Dog, Child’s Pose, Up Dog Pose, Down Dog Pose

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