Whether You Can Or Cant You Are Right Either WayWhether you can or cant you are right either way. Our minds get the best of us sometimes and we don’t even realize it. Becoming familiar with what kind of self-talk you have is something I work on with everyone around me. Sometimes people get it right away and sometimes they don’t. It tears me up every time I hear someone talk to themselves and they refer to themselves as a dummy or idiot. Or even worse they say they can’t do something when in all reality they can, they just aren’t seeing that they are in their own way.

When you talk your subconscious mind writes that down on paper. That writing doesn’t erase very well after the age of 35. Before age 35, your subconscious mind writes with a pencil. Thoughts and commands aka how you talk about yourself and your life, are written in stone but can be erased. After a person turns 35, it’s harder to change habits. At that point, the pencil becomes a sharpie marker. Not so easily erased, more permanent than anything else.

In today’s world of fast information, however, it is possible to erase those thoughts and beliefs. Whether you can or cant you are right either way. Saying that you can’t do something will dictate to your subconscious mind and will make it so. The same goes for when you say you can. It’s when we realize that we have that kind of power that we start to talk differently. Notice the word differently, I didn’t say right or wrong, just differently. Because in all reality, there’s no right way, there’s no wrong way, there’s simply YOUR way.

There’s No Right Way, There’s No Wrong Way, There’s Simply YOUR Way

Whether you can or cant you are right either way. Keep that saying close as you retrain your brain. Instead of saying “I Can’t”, try saying “That skill is not available to me right now.” What that does is leaves an opening for the possibility that you may be able to do “it” later. We may be our own worst enemy, but we can also be our own #1 fan. Another way to put it is, you are your own problem, but you are also your own solution.

Admitting that the skill isn’t available to you right now gives you the opportunity to explore the opportunity of gaining that skill. Notice the word gain, our minds are wired to measure everything from what we’ve already experienced. What I mean is, we can only measure what we will lose and not what we will gain from any experience. We gage that “loss” by past experiences. That’s how the mind works because we need to “survive”. Living in survival mode is something that most people can’t seem to shake.

Gain and possibility go hand in hand. Whether you can or cant you are right either way. What you gain from changing the way you say you can’t, will open up a whole new way of thinking, doing and being. Also, another side effect of this change will get your mind out of “survival mode”. You will see every struggle as an opportunity. You will see every confrontation as another way to grow. Seeing those daily battles as ways to improve yourself versus things that are always against you.

Loving the struggle is something that I’ve come to embrace. As soon as you realize that you can do whatever it is you want, life becomes way more interesting. Because you have this new found perspective you might get a little overwhelmed because having everything isn’t the norm for you. It’s ok, everyone who “wakes up” has this happen to them. Once you realize that you don’t need “everything” you see how simple life really is.

Beginners see MANY choices that they can pursue. Masters see only one choice. That will make sense once you practice this way of thinking, doing and being. Whether you can or cant you are right either way. Because you have this perspective, you now take that saying and lock in in your mind without any emotional attachment. Once you do that, it will be imprinted in your sole as wisdom. So many people get emotionally attached to what they can’t do and forget about what they can do.

With each WOD I create, do and share, I find modifications for each movement. That way when a person tells me I can’t do that, I always have a movement that they can do. Just because a full push-up isn’t available at this moment, doesn’t mean it won’t be available in the future. Celebrating the fact that you’re doing a push-up on the wall or on your knees is a massive shift in your mindset. I’ve had a client that just wouldn’t try a push-up on his knees because he didn’t think it had any benefit.

He eventually tried it and soon realized that when he did it, he got more depth with his push-up. More depth aka range of motion means more strength. He was very surprised that he got sore from push-ups on his knees. The stereotype of push-ups on your knees being “girl push-ups” stopped him. That was imprinted in his mind from society at a young age, as we all have.

Getting our minds to change isn’t easy, especially if we are 35 years or older. However, it is possible. Whether you can or cant you are right either way. With every thought, belief, and word said you are in control of your life. Becoming familiar with those thoughts, beliefs, and words spoken is how you change. Why not start with the way you move your body. That’s what today’s WOD is all about. And why you’re at it, be nice to yourself. Forgive yourself for what you’ve done or haven’t done yet in your life.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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Whether You Can Or Cant You Are Right Either Way | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #252

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio (At LEAST)
1-6 Rounds

  • Get Up / Get Down – 20-30 Reps
  • Sit Down / Stand Up – 20-30 Reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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