What Pisses Me Off Most

What pisses me off most is someone who is mean. Mean people hurt people. Ever heard of the saying…

Hurt People Hurt People

The video you are about to watch is a Facebook Live video that I shot just after I used 1000 calories. The reason I tell you this is because it takes a MASSIVE amount of effort to use 1000 calories and when I’m done I have the clearest mind.

That’s why I push that hard. With my ADHD I don’t have many moments of clarity, but just after I exercise there’s a small window of clarity. The meds help, but intentional movement (aka exercise is what brings the crystal clear thoughts to my mind).

With this video, I didn’t imagine it would be SO deep. I even teared up in it. What pisses me off most is that people can be SO mean and think that it’s ok. Well, it’s NOT.

Try being NICE.

It’s something that we’ve been told since we were children.

Kill Them With Kindness

I know that seems lame, but it’s SO true. If a person isn’t being nice to you it’s because they aren’t happy with themselves. It’s the truth. Ask ANYONE who isn’t happy and they’ll just say…


They aren’t. We ALL know that, but hey continue to shit all over everyone around them. For me, those are the people who need the kindness and love and to be NICE to them most.

Check out how emotional I get when I talk about those mean people.

I hope you share this with someone who needs to hear it!

What Pisses Me Off MOST (This One Is Going To Be Hard)

What Pisses Me Off MOST (This One Is Going To Be Hard)(JedKobernusz.com)

Posted by Jed Kobernusz on Tuesday, May 30, 2017
What Pisses Me Off Most: Hurt People Hurt People

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