What If It Were Different What If It Were Different?

In today’s day of up to date communications and constant contact we are very desensitized to noise.

I don’t mean we are louder today than 50 years ago, but some experts might say that’s true. What I mean is we are always on the move. And when we move constantly there is no time to recharge or slow down.

It’s the It crazy to think that most of our day is full of something other than what we want it to be?

What I’m learning about myself is that I enjoy being around people who like to talk about the mind and the body. I also like to talk theory or future.

All we do is give in to the “stuff” society. We want more stuff in less amount of time. As I write this I see that with age comes wisdom, but it also can stir up past emotions that kick us straight in the ass to remind us that we need to persevere when life gets tough.

When looking at today’s society we tend to forget that ONLY 50 years ago there wasn’t much when it came to communication. If you got a phone call it was a BIG deal. Now a days if you get a phone call, more times than not you’re pissed.

Even worse, when someone comes to the door unexpectedly, you hit the floor like there’s a drive by happening! Heaven forbid you have to TALK and or entertain them since you “don’t have time” for that shit.

Here’s the thing though, since we move SO fast, what if it were different? I’ve challenged myself to do the opposite. And for the last 2.5 years it’s payed off in ways that I’ve never even imagined possible.

Stopping to thank and appreciate what’s happening “in the moment” (Yes I put that in quotes because it sounds corny, but if the quotes weren’t there then your mind would skip over it and forget about what that action looks like) doesn’t happen in a 24 hour period.

Intentional gratitude is something that use to be engraved in our DNA. Heck it wasn’t intentional at all, it was just the way people were! Now, as a society, we have to intentionally BE grateful.

There’s an entire market dedicated to gratitude. Have you heard of Tony Robins? He’s pretty much one big walking gratification. He’s been practicing gratitude his entire life.

I get the fact that people have it tough and have been handed a shitty hand, but when you TRULY take responsibility and by responsibility I don’t mean that in a negative way, because we hear that word responsibility and think well screw that I didn’t WANT to get the shit kicked out of me when I was a kid. I’m not saying that.

What I’m saying is, WHEN you TAKE control over your own words and USE them to create a life that is just right for you, THAT is when you will start to BE grateful and you won’t have to intentionally try to think of what you’re grateful for.

The problem though is once you realize that you HAVE that control it can be quite overwhelming. Because then you open pandora’S box and forget where to start. It all comes down to the question that either you were asked as a child or you’ve heard someone else ask a child…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s massive. No matter what age we are, what that question is really asking is…

What ultimately makes you happy and what are you willing to do to do that all day every day?

And yet again the feeling of overwhelm comes upon us again because SO much CAN make us happy.

AND not to mention you have responsibilities like kids, a mortgage, student loans, a car payment, health insurance and other dumb material stuff that we THINK we need.

So in order to get past ALL that the art of doing nothing comes to play. Becoming familiar with who you were created to be in this world. It’s scary to think that the person who you are right now isn’t going to be the same person IF you start asking yourself questions like…

Who am I?

What am I?

What makes me truly happy?

What IS true happiness?

What If It Were Different?

There are SO many more questions and you will definitely find those as you become familiar with yourself. It’s also known as self awareness. Just so you know.

The question is how do you do this?

Some would call it mediation. I call it my ME time. Use to think that working out was my ME time. I still workout but that isn’t for me, that’s for my body. My body is a tool. It’s a thing that I control. It does NOT control me.

So many of us are living in a space of Body Mind. Where the body is actually the kind because our bodies like balance. It will do whatever it takes to KEEP you in habit. Stopping to become familiar with yourself gives you the opportunity to take back your body and tell IT what to do, instead of the other way around.

Now back to the the “how to”

There are many ways to do this…

The MOST important one is the one that you will do consistently. Because we all know we are NOT going to do something we don’t enjoy.

I try different mediums frequently. From daily emails to myself to writing the notes. Structured notes to free handing. Hitting record on my phone and talking for 15-30 minutes with no particular agenda but to challenge my analytical mind to shut the hell up and let me speak. And lastly there’s sitting quietly. I do most of these almost every day.

And by almost I mean at LEAST 5/7 days a week.

Since all of this has started the I’ve been able to start helping others to find their talents in life, lose a little weight and find happiness.

The best part is that we ALL have the ability to do this, but the sad part is 99% of won’t.

That’s simply the cold hard truth of it all.

When’s the last time you took action and followed through on something for a FULL year?

And I mean REALLY committed to it. No questions, just did whatever you set out to do no matter what someone told you.

My experience and intuition tells me either never or when you were “younger” and was a little more daring than you are now.

If you’ve never committed to anything, that Ella me you have NO idea who your TRUE self really is. And that hurts because all it takes is a few minutes a day at the start of this journey and it acts like a snowball rolling down a hill (in the cartoons of course because I’ve NEVER seen that shit in real life) and it builds momentum, size and speed.

That’s my rant.

Next time you think that everything is crazy ask yourself…

What If It Were Different?

This comes straight from my heart and into your mind.

I hope you take this and DO something different today.

AND what I’ve found MOST helpful is ask someone else to do it with you.

Everything that I do takes these three things:


When you have all three of those things running at the same time, it’s like a hybrid engine that NEVER breaks down!

Have Fun!

You Got This!

Your Movement Coach
(Both Physically AND Mentally)

Jed Kobernusz

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