What If I Just QuitWhat would happen if I just quit everything? What if I just quit? Who would be affected if I shut down JedKobernusz.com? Who would that impact? What would I gain? Is it too late? These are questions I’ve been asking myself lately. Partly because I’m getting busier than I’ve ever been in my life and partly because people are changing the trajectory of their life because of me.

Reaching the tipping point of people believing in me has become a reality. When I started creating the WODs in 2015 I had no idea it would grow this big in such a short amount of time. The more eyes that land on the WODs busier I get. What If I just quit? My children aren’t getting younger as time goes on and that plays a major part in my decision-making process of life.

Time is one of those things that we all want more of but never have enough of it. After completing all of the WOD videos in early 2018, people have really taken to the process. The 8 Steps To Break Free have shed some light on that process. The first person to finish the 365 WOD Journey has come. She has proven with a difficult schedule, completely uprooting her family and way of life, and starting a new business, it’s possible to do one WOD each day or most days of the week.

However, what if I just quit? What would I gain? More time with my family? Less time with my family? More opportunities because I’m not constantly helping people? Fewer opportunities because people don’t know who I am and what I stand for? What would I lose by quitting?

This journey started in 2015 and the lessons that I’ve learned cannot be unlearned. Simply giving up isn’t an option anymore because the impact of the 365 WOD Journey has come too far and has impacted enough people who haven’t finished yet. To take that away from them would be almost criminal. I’ve been given the talent to be 100% authentically me every moment of every day and to hide that talent would end up killing me.

Learning a ton about myself has become my #1 priority. Giving the permission for those who follow the 365 WOD Journey to do the same is what separates what I do from the rest of the Health, Wellness, and Fitness field. People ask me all the time why I’m so happy about the simplest things. It’s because the gratitude I have for life is greater than my wants for it.

Asking Myself What If I Just Quit Is Actually A Good Thing

If being the protector of your self-awareness is what helps people most, and it is because spouses, friends, family and the people closest to my clients, try to stop the changes that they make, then I will take on that burden. It has been proven to me time and time again that asking myself what if I just quit is actually a good thing. It’s because many depend on me to be that rock for them. Many people look to me to see how to handle difficult situations.

Becoming self-aware has been a major part of my journey and doubling down on my strengths and forgetting about my weaknesses. It seems in the rural area that I live in many people don’t share the same enthusiasm for exercise as I do. That might shy people away because coming from a business standpoint the market isn’t big enough to go all in. I see it as a massive opportunity to change the mindset. People try and fail all the time, it’s no secret. The secret is how many times people fail because they don’t talk about the failures, they only talk about the successes.

The truth about me is I tell the truth. The right thing is always the right thing. I may not be for everyone and I’m completely ok with that. Many people have looked at the WODs and think they can’t do that. Every movement is modifiable, people get it in their minds that the full movement is the best and if they can’t do that, then why bother. That’s the ALL OR NONE theory. Getting that out of people’s heads has become my #1 priority. One round of One WOD each day will have a massive impact, you just have to be willing to try.

I’ve failed many times to help people realize their true potential and exhausted myself doing that. It’s when I started looking within and gave permission to forgive myself for failing them. In all reality, I didn’t fail them. They failed themselves. That is a hard pill to swallow, even for me.

So what if I just quit? People would find another program. They would find another way. I’m not saying I’m the end all be all. There’s no right way, there’s no wrong way, there’s just your way. What do say this, My Way Isn’t The Sexiest, But It’s The Most Permanent.

My Way Isn’t The Sexiest, But It’s The Most Permanent

Creating something from nothing isn’t hard. Having an idea isn’t hard. Turning it into a life-changing opportunity for those who do the work isn’t hard. What’s hard is convincing people that they are worth every moment that they pay attention to themselves and forget about everyone else for that moment.

Giving up isn’t an option for me because every time I ask myself “What If I Just Quit?” my heart starts to beat fast and hard. Becoming familiar with what that means has been an interesting journey. Following my heart has a new meaning after I realized that when my heart beats fast and hard it’s saying DO IT. The decreasing problem is that my analytical mind gets in the way and says Wait, it has to be perfect before you do it. Notice the word DECREASING, slowly my analytical mind is being quieted down by my heart. The racing and beating drown out the noise of my analytical mind.

The Racing and Beating of My Heart Drown Out the Noise of My Analytical Mind

It takes practice to understand what your body does when you find something you were created for. Some people go a lifetime and never find it. Some people find it early in life. While writing this very post I’m 33 and I believe I found mine at age 30. A great example of someone who found theirs early would be Gary Vaynerchuck. He has been in his heart as early as age 8.

So with that just know that quitting isn’t an option. Pushing through is another talent that I’ve come to know and love. The journey is the destination and understanding that is half the battle. What If I Just Quit? That will be the day I die. The death of me will be the day I quit. I’ve even muttered the words “I’ll probably go to my funeral happy” because the way I see it if I’m breathing and able to move on my own, then anything past that is a win.

Thank you for reading and thank you for not quitting on yourself as well as me.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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What If I Just Quit | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #248

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio (At LEAST)
1-6 Rounds | Hold Each Movement For 1 Minute

  • Wall Sit
  • Superman
  • Bridge

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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