Unique Exercises To Burn EnergyEach and every day it seems like we are looking for more efficient exercises to burn calories or exercises to lose weight. Today’s Workout Of the Day or WOD as you my know it by now provides you with unique exercises to burn energy.

Burning Energy IS Burning Fat

Just So you are aware of what I mean by the word energy. Simply think of any “extra” food you take in that isn’t burned off as energy. That unused energy gets stored as fat.

I get this question all the time from my clients:

What Exercise Burns The Most Calories The Fastest?

Well in short there is not one exercise, well maybe… It’s called a burpee LOL… And if you don’t like those you can look up what I have dubbed as a Full Body Extension and THAT is just as effective as a burpee!

Other than that I would have to say interval training gives you the best chance for high calorie burning workouts!

Exercises for weight loss is EXACTLY what WOD #47 is ALL about!

Here it is:

WOD #47 Unique Exercises To Burn Energy

Be sure to warm up 4-5 minutes…

A warm up can be marching in place or jump roping…

Watch the video below and I show you exactly what the exercises are WITH modifications!

3-6 Rounds

  • Low Push-Up Hold- 20 seconds
  • REST- 10 seconds
  • Table Top Hold- 20 seconds
  • REST- 10 seconds
  • Body U- Hold 20 seconds
  • REST 10 seconds

REPEAT the above WOD 3-5 more times!!

Keep up the good work!!

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