Trust The Process Of Not KnowingMany people need and want to know the outcome of every decision being made. Let me tell you that to learn how to trust the process of not knowing has paid for itself tenfold. When you finish reading this I trust you’ll be more at peace with now knowing. After you fall in love with the unknown life becomes way more interesting and exciting.

Trying to predict every outcome becomes very stressful. Outweighing every option is a heaving feeling. Because as soon as you think you have it all figured out something you couldn’t even fathom comes to life. What if you could fall in love with the unknown? What does that look like for you? Scary? I personally have a deep level of faith coming straight from my heart. I’ve been following my heartbeat since 2015.

When My Heart Beats Hard I Pay Close Attention

Learning how to trust the process of not knowing takes daily practice. There’s a certain level of peace that we all have at one point in our life. When does that peace go away? What choices have you made to make that peace go away? We can all try to plan every aspect of our lives, but when it comes down it we are way more in control of our lives than we think. What happens is we get into a thinking war with ourselves and stir up our emotions to only make the worst case scenario possible.

We Can Only Measure What We Will Lose, Not What We Will Gain.

The way most people live is from a place of survival. Our bodies are designed to survive and to do so requires a certain level of balance. It’s called homeostasis. Therefore to push one way or another will throw off that “stasis.” To trust the process of not knowing will push you out of balance, but so does staying in survival mode. Why not do something that will push you in the direction of peace and happiness? We live by what has happened to us in the past, not what we think can potentially help us in the future.

When I started creating these WODs, I had no idea so many people would follow. I don’t expect anyone to follow. All I’ve done since 2015 is document what I do every day to keep myself accountable to live a healthy life. With health comes happiness. I really don’t think many people see what I see. If you’re waiting until things calm down or until you figure out how to devote more time to yourself, you’re going to die before that happens.

You’re Not Ready And That’s OK

Most people aren’t ready for me right off the bat. At first, they think they can’t do any of the movements that I suggest. They automatically limit themselves by saying I can’t do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges. People don’t see that to trust the process of not knowing means that you’re surrendering your old self to bigger potential. What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? Those are two of the questions I get frequently.

What If You Do Fail?

Trust the process of not knowing. I really mean it. Trust the process. What if you fail? Failing isn’t always bad. Learn from the failure and put the knowledge of that failure into your soul as wisdom. How to do that? Love it. Love failure just as much, if not more, than succeeding. I love failure. I crave it. Not from a place of misery, but from a place of virtue. Not only does failing give me the confidence to work harder, it also humbles me to help those to get to the place I currently am and more.

You Get To Keep What You Give Away

When you trust the process of not knowing you start to let go of the things you cannot control. Life becomes way more light and fun. Gratitude for things like breathing and the ability to move don’t get taken for granted, as well as every other moment of the day. What do we do as humans to accomplish this depth of not knowing? Forget about control. Think about what you want and listen to your body. Get into the habit of trusting the process. You get to keep what you give away. I’ve been listening to the hard heartbeats and every time I follow the beats and let go of the resistance to it something profound happens.

By giving only peace and happiness away, because now you don’t need to control everything you’ll now only receive that kind of energy. When something “bad” happens, simply trust the process of not knowing. Things have to fall apart only to come back together in a way that you least expect it. That’s the universal law of quantum physics. I don’t expect you do know what quantum physics is, but again this post is about trusting the unknown.

When you try to control things and expect them to happen in a certain way and it doesn’t happen, all you’re doing is proving your ego right. Is being right more important than your own happiness? There are many people out there that will say yes. Why? For the ability to survive? I would rather die than be right all the time. Because if I predicted that everything I do is a bad idea and never try, then why live?

Try new things daily. Take practical risks often and learn to trust the process of not knowing. Living in the unknown is like taking the training wheel off of your bike. It’s very unstable at first and you’re going to fall down. The choice to get back up and try again is what separates you from the old you versus the new you. Also, learning from that fall is another piece to the proverbial puzzle of your life. After you brush yourself off get back on and try again. After many attempts, it will be as familiar as breathing.

Get at least one round of today’s WOD done. Trust the process of not knowing and prove your ego wrong by committing to getting that much done. Because you’ve worked this hard it may be simple to know that you’ll get one round done. But take it from me, don’t take ANYTHING for granted. Go Here To Find Out Why I was crying in the ER before I had surgery. Have fun with it by getting others involved. It takes a village, right? Go get it and just know that I really appreciate your consistency, determination, and community.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

Trust The Process Of Not Knowing | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #258

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • 90 Degree Knee Wipers – 20 Reps Total
  • Hip Press (Knee Wipers + Get Up To Kneeling) – 20 Reps Total
  • Knee Wipers To Hip Press To Low Squat – 20 Reps Total
  • Double Leg Mule Kicks – 20 Reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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