THE #Physiology Show Episode 4 I talk about Tracking Progress Spot Reduction Faster Metabolism and I eat ice cream AGAIN! 😉

Tracking progress ads a MASSIVE amount of value to your physical health. When you are down and out all you have to do is look how FAR you have come.

In the video below I talk about spot reduction of your body. Is it REAL? Can it ACTUALLY be done? Get the scoop and let me know what YOU think about it. Because like everything else I put there, it’s only ONE persons perspective. 🙂

Getting a faster metabolism is something that MANY have talked about, but NONE have mastered. Well in today’s show I talk about something called EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) fancy words for Afterburn. In order to get a faster metabolism you have to get out of breath. In the show I talk more about how to do that.

So if you found this blog post because you googled how to get a faster metabolism, then good for you. You found THE answer to how to burn 300-900 calories by doing nothing at all.

Here it is…

Tracking Progress Spot Reduction Faster Metabolism | THE #Physiology Show Episode 4

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