The ExecutionerEver since I can remember I have ALWAYS kept trying! Today a friend and I have co-created and dubbed me as The Executioner.

It is all predicated to the fact that when something is handed to me I simply get it done. I don’t let the excuse of “I don’t know how” get in my way.

It literally comes down to what I have been doing all my life. Just before college I was going to apply for the marines. I only got a 17 on my ACT’s. I re-took them and got a 15!! That was the nail in my college coffin! So I thought!!

My Mom, which I thank for this, helped some how and some way for me to get into college. Since then I have been GETTING IT DONE in any way I can! I simply don’t stop until whatever “it” is finished.

In the video below you will hear more about what The Executioner means for me and too me.

It IS ME. It IS my Gift.

The Executioner

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