The All Or None Law
One WOD a day with one round a day will keep the doctor away. The all or none law is proven beneficial because of the 365 WOD Journey and the Battle WODs. Once you fire your muscles in such a way that it excites you aka you “feel the burn” you’re onto something. Doing one round creates the threshold and baseline for your body to uphold to. Today’s mindset article will provide you with the knowledge to understand why the all or none law lets you get away with doing one round every day for a year.

When you commit to one round minimum each day you’re setting a threshold for the body. Because you’ve made it this far and are reading this you’re already mastering the all or none law. It was first introduced by a physiologist in 1871. I’m not a big history buff, I simply googled the all or none law and found more information about it.

In college, we talked about the all or none law all the time, but it never really served any interest to me. However, each WOD serves as proof that the all or none law sets and even pushes the threshold of your action potential. The action potential is a specific function of your membranes and axon locations. Basically, your nerves and musculoskeletal system respond to stimulation. The stimulation is you getting up off the couch and moving.

I use to talk about the “All Or None Theory”. Basically the ability to change at a fast pace. It’s a steep roller coaster ride of emotions. As a result of those emotions you’re more likely to fail and give up.

The all or none theory to get all 6 rounds done is debunked. It’s because once you have the consistency of one round minimum every choice the rest of the day is affected. Therefore those cookies sitting on the break room table won’t be so damn tempting.

Since starting out with my Journey in the Fitness industry back in 2006 I’ve been consistent. I feel it’s my life’s purpose in life to teach others to be consistent. Also, to suffocate all excuses for people to not do a WOD. Suffocating the bullshit is my favorite thing to do.

The best part of the all or none law is that with each WOD that gets completed the threshold is expanded. Moving that threshold consistently is what creates the confidence to live life without fear. It also deepens the faith within your capabilities.

In conclusion, the all or none law is exactly why you’re either going to expand or contract. You choose which way your threshold and capabilities are going to move. Get to a place mentally where one round is as awesome as six rounds and you’re golden.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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The All Or None Law | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #280

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Kneeling Heel Touch – 10-20 Reps
  • Kneeling Back Extension – 20-30 Reps
  • Kneeling Heel Touch Side To Side – 20 Reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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