On today’s episode of THE #Physiology Show I talk about summer time calorie burn, full work week and I eat nuts!

Worked a FULL week at my new job! It’s always fun at first and it CAN be fun forever. It simply is a CHOICE to make each and every day. People simply show up to work because they THINK they have to. You can also find a new place to go aka find a job. But most people don’t because it’s easier to complain about their situation rather then changing it.

Also, too many people THINK they burn more calories and are more active in the summer time. When in all reality IF you are MORE active, then you are only breaking even when it comes to calories burned.

Find out what to do to get then exact blue print on about “what it takes” during the summer to keep your summer time calorie burn in a caloric deficit so you can lose the weight and KEEP it off!

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So here it is…

Nuts, Full Weeks Work, And Summer Time Calorie Burn | THE #Physiology Show Episode 7

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