Spring Swallows Snow Filled LeavesTime is the only thing we can never get back. The seasons of Mother Nature come and go. Spring swallows snow filled leaves. This mindset coaching article has some philosophical perspective mixed with a Mumford and Son’s song.

Listening to music has never been so fun with an awareness like mine. Once you realize that you are your own problem and your own solution life gets fun. These songs that hit you emotionally totally come from the artist’s heart center.

Spring Swallows Snow Filled Leaves

That line hit me while I was working and the flood of emotions came at me like a damn opening up. Living in northern Minnesota I know exactly what Mumford and Son’s was talking about. Mother Nature will always produce weather. The amazing part is not knowing when it will happen. What we take for granted is the fact that eventually, it does happen.

You know that when Spring comes there goes the snow. Spring swallows snow filled leaves is the perfect way to say that Winter is over and Spring is here. Spring is beautiful because it means the gray and white of winter now becomes all the colors of the rainbow. New and exciting events happen in spring because everything comes alive.

Writing each day as well as practicing movement provides an outlet for creativity and empathy. When you forgive yourself for being so bitter during the winter month’s Spring brightens you up. Begin by watching this video I created to help people gain the confidence toward your self-talk:

I AM – The Commanding Truth What you say is what you are…The two words I AM are the most powerful words we know. What are you Commanding in your life?Please share this with someone who struggles with inner peace.

Posted by Jed Kobernusz on Monday, November 12, 2018

Spring Swallows Snow Filled Leaves and stops the winter blues. Another way to get rid of the winter blues is to workout daily. Doing the WODs daily creates the consistency and confidence a person wants to live and happier life. So go get WOD #333 done and have confidence in the fact that Spring will always come and be grateful for every moment in your life.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Spring Swallows Snow Filled Leaves | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #333 | Underarms, Core, & Flexibility

1-6 Rounds
Warm Up- 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Plank Push-Ups – 20-30 Reps
  • Dips – 20-30 Reps
  • ABC Leg Lifts – 26 Reps
  • Frankenstein’s – 40-50 Reps Total

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Each Pose – Down Dog, Child’s Pose, Up Dog Pose, Down Dog Pose

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