Speed Up Metabolism SoonerMany of my clients have always asked me how do you speed up metabolism sooner?

What I really take the time to think about it, if I could really find speed metabolism pills or anything that could help speed up metabolism in the form of a pill. Then I’d never have to work another day in my life.

There are just a few select ways that you can increase your metabolism or speed up metabolism sooner and today’s WOD is definitely one of them but what really helps speed up your metabolism is consistency.

When I first started working out 6 days a week I really didn’t think I could keep up with it…

I also felt very overwhelmed at first, but when we get in the state of overwhelm we start to go into a place of lack. When you’re in a place of lack or any place of want then you start to figure forget your “WHY”…

Because what really happens as humans we try to figure out the “HOW” first and when we don’t know how to do something we simply just stop.

So the question comes how to speed up metabolism without exercise or how do I speed up metabolism without exercise?

The other question I get asked is does black coffee speed up your metabolism?

My clients ask me that a lot as far as black coffee

The answer is yes, but it has to be the right kind and with the combination of foods you eat, the movement you do each and every day and the proper amount of sleep.

The first thing that I noticed with working out 6 days a week with a maximum of 15 minutes per workout, drinking black coffee twice a day, and meditating for at least 40 minutes a day was the fact that I could get way more done in one day than what most people get done an entire week.

Since I’ve created 365 WODs, I’ve gotten closer to my wife & children and the best part is we’re only on WOD #78.

To answer the question of how to speed up metabolism without exercise is Black Coffee specifically the black coffee that I drink if you want that black coffee Go Here.

With everything that I do it’s all natural, I show you how to speed up metabolism naturally.

The sad part about all this is that when we’re children and we create unhealthy habits they stick with us into adult hood. Children who are overweight turn into overweight adults. It’s really sad to me to think that smallest of unhealthy habits can have a direct effect on the path to rob a lifetime of opportunity.

So I continue to post these WODs and to record the videos with my children in it in them because they will basically just absorb the information whether they’re listening or not…

Whether they’re crying or not…

They will absorb the information by osmosis.

So my offer for you today is to fit it in…

If you have children, then workout in front of them.

Help them with their movement patterns and in turn you will be helping yourself with your movement pattern.

Whether you have children or not let’s get moving and prove to yourself that you can speed up your metabolism sooner with WOD #78

WOD #78 Speed Up Metabolism Sooner

2-3 Rounds

  • 40 Punches
  • 60 Squat Hold Speed Bag Punches
  • 40 Cross Punches
  • 60 Squat Hold Speed Bag Punches

I didn’t think this would get me out of breath or even be a good workout…


Keep up the good work!

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Ok the video below shows you exactly what I am looking for.

Also the kids are pretty funny in it too…

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