Shoulda Coulda And Woulda Lead To RegretRegret is poison for the mind. My guy, Gary Vaynerchuk‘s enemy is regret. Shoulda Coulda and Woulda lead to regret. Those three words are like a three-headed monster and following that monster will only lead you to the top of Regret Mountain. With this mindset coaching article you will learn that you’re the one that painted the picture of the Shoulda Coulda and Woulda monster. Because you did that you’ll be able to take break free of the fear that’s holding you back from living your life.

Why Learn About Shoulda Coulda And Woulda Lead To Regret?

We choose to live in the past when we constantly think of what we shoulda done differently. Yes, you shoulda paid more attention to your wife or husband. Then they wouldn’t have wanted a divorce. You coulda had more protein throughout your day to make you feel fuller longer. Instead, you chose to eat whatever was in the vending machine. You woulda had more time with your children. If you woulda just put down your phone and helped them with their homework.

See what that does? It creates a place of regret from the past. Living in the moment is being grateful for each and everything in your life no matter if it is positive or negative. Not judging the experience and simply learning from it all. Therefore you’ll take that picture down that you painted of the Shoulda Coulda Woulda monster and put it on the floor by your bed.

Then you can go to sleep in peace knowing that when you wake up it won’t be there anymore. Practice doing that every night for many days, let’s pick an amount and say 30. Start living in the moment and doing things that make you happy. Shoulda coulda and would lead to regret and now the top of Regret Mountain is far behind you.

The best part about that is you can apply this knowledge to every aspect of your life. You don’t have to worry about overthinking every decision in your life. Because you’re now following a path that comes from a place of happiness and no regrets.

Be happy with doing one round minimum. Start with one round because by pure inertia you’ll eventually do more than one round by the time you finish your 365 WOD Journey. So get to your WOD for today and kill that three-headed monster with kindness. Then you won’t even be able to look back at it anymore because you’re only focused on what’s ahead of you versus what’s behind you.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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Shoulda Coulda And Woulda Lead To Regret | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #267

1-6 Rounds | Reps: 20
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Push-Ups
  • Tick-Tocks
  • Prone Opposite Arm + Leg Raise
  • Crunches

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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