Shiny Lower Body MovementsWe are back again with a very simple WOD. I think we get too caught up with something that I call “Shiny Object Syndrome”. So that’s why I called today’s WOD Shiny Lower Body Movements.

Shiny Lower Body Movements

My hope is that you see right through the shiny part and just do the workout. Shiny object syndrome means that you hop from product to product and/or different workout to different workout. Meaning you don’t fully give something a one hundred percent try.

What usually happens is my clients try something new for about three to four days and then they quit. That’s where then end up finding me. I am the LONG term solution the their problems. Shiny object syndrome gives you short term fixes for their long term problems.

Just like when I was in high school I lost 30 pounds in a week. That was NOT healthy. I starved myself and workout out like crazy. I did some damage there. The reason I tell you this is because I am not outside of anything I talk about. Whenever I bring up something it’s because I have been through it myself.

So with that let’s get to WOD #66…

WOD #66 Shiny Lower Body Movements

  • Beginner- 50 Squats
  • Advanced- 100 Jump Squats

Let me know how this goes!

Keep up the good work!

Watch the video below to see what I am looking for with this…

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