Seven Flu Prevention TipsIsn’t it crazy that twenty percent of Americans are projected to get the flu each season? Now, that’s a rough estimate, but none the less we need a reminder of some simple ways to prevent getting the flu. You will learn the seven flu prevention tips that I use every day to decrease those odds.

These tips are simple and you probably think they are well known by now, but there are still generations of people who don’t do some of these things. We all need a reminder sometimes because the truth is that we get busy and forget the basics.

These eight flu tips are a great reminder to set a solid foundation that will boost your immune system so that your odds of getting the flu decrease in an impactful way.

#1 Get Vaccinated

Let’s start with the most controversial one. There are MANY opinions about this one.

“Should I get the flu shot?” “The flu shot makes me GET the flu” “I don’t want to GET the flu from the flu shot because that’s all I’m doing is voluntarily giving myself the flu to prevent it”

I could keep doing this ALL day with the quotes I’ve heard. Hears the deal, influenza is the only respiratory virus that’s preventable by getting the vaccination. (Reference:

Plus, going a little off the deep end here, it’s ALL in your head. If you think something is going to happen to you, it will. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then you can skip over that one, but if it does and you want to talk more about it let’s talk.

#2 Wash Your Hands / Use Hand Sanitizer

This one is the most obvious and most often the most overlooked. In today’s world of convenience, there are products sold everywhere in case you cannot get to the sink with soap and water. However, washing with soap and warm water often have been to show the most effective. None the less, keep that sanitizer close at ALL times and use it often, and I mean every time you come in and out of an area when you had to touch a doorknob because you KNOW someone wiped their nose or rubbed their eye just before grabbing that knob.

#3 Don’t Touch Your Face

Think about your hands and ALL the things they come in contact with. Then think of your face and how many ways germs can get in, for example, your eyes, nose and most threatening, your mouth. How many people out there chew their fingernails? 20-30% are nail-biters, with up to 45% being teenagers. Gross right?! Well, I am still getting over that one myself, but I’ve come a LONG way. Still, your face is an easy entry point for germs to get in and keeping your hands away from your face will prevent those germs from getting in. (Reference:

#4 Smile More

This one is my second favorite because this not only helps your immune system it helps change your internal chemistry aka the chemical cocktail of emotions. There are studies that show smiling more will boost your immune system. Plus, it reinforces our happiness and decreases stress levels. (Reference:

#5 Eating

I just put the word Eating because a person could put eating healthy, eating healthier or eating right. All of those imply that you don’t already eat healthy, healthier or right. Balance is the key to eating. Balance out your macros and you’ll set yourself up for an immune system that will act like a suit of armor vs. eating artificial foods full of preservatives that will rust out that armored suit and fall apart.

#6 Stay Home

This one is probably the hardest of them all because who has time to stay home for a FULL 24 hours right? Once your fever is gone from the flu, because if you have a fever it’s your body’s way of shedding the flu virus, plus you won’t infect anyone else while this process is happening. That way we stop the madness. (Reference:

#7 Exercise (Saved The Best For Last)

Yup, you KNEW it was coming. EXERCISE! Exercise boosts your immune system. BOOM, mind is blown. Mic drops and I walk off the stage. Isn’t that crazy that exercise makes the cut of seven flu prevention tips? If you’re truly reading this you’re not surprised (LOL) and for those who a part of the #Kobernation you’re REALLY not surprised. How does exercise help you prevent the flu? It increases circulation which in turn increases the movement of White Blood Cells (WBC) in your body. That way your body can change what is needed in a more rapid manner. So get moving, feel better and enjoy ALL the side effects of exercise. (Reference:

These seven flu prevention tips are some of the most obvious ones known and quite often some of the most neglected ones too. Ahem, #7, Ahem. That’s why committing to one round a day will help you take care of your movement patterns required to prevent the flu. Today’s WOD and ALL my WODs help you achieve #7 AND #4 of the seven flu prevention tips which decrease your odds of getting the flu massively. The best part is that you’ll feel happier you did it, I sure was after completing it.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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Workout Of The Day (WOD) #240 | Seven Flu Prevention Tips

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio (At LEAST)
1-6 Rounds

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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