Muscle Recovery After Working OutWhen do you think recovery actually happens? Most people think it’s 12 to 24 hours or even 36 hours after you work out but it’s actually when you sleep. Muscle recovery after working out happens the most when you’re sleeping. Therefore it’s imperative to get good sleep.

So most people would say seven to nine hours of sleep is what you’re looking for but we know any parents out there whether it be parents of children or parents with fur babies sometimes seven to nine hours doesn’t exactly happen.

That’s why I wrote this blog post. Because getting that sleep equals the repair that you need when you’re doing these WODs or any exercise for that matter. At the very least, when interruptions happen at night, such as a child waking up or your stomach waking you up. Whatever it is, if you get between four and six hours asleep for maybe three nights out of the week it’s not a bad thing, but make sure you can get the proper amount of sleep.

A few tips to to create the perfect muscle recovery after working out:

  1. Grab some sleepy time tea
  2. Shut your phone off 45 minutes before going to bed
  3. Try not to watch TV before you go to sleep
  4. Most of all, put yourself in a peaceful mindset

After you complete today’s WOD, hopefully you find peace and you can get some good quite sleep so you can recover in the best way possible.

Let’s get to it!

WOD #212 Muscle Recovery After Working Out

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio
1-6 Rounds

  • Cobras – 15-30 Reps
  • Reverse Fly – 15-30 Reps
  • Heel Grab – 15-30 Reps
  • Lunge Hip Opener –  Hold 3 Seconds – 10-15 Reps Each Side

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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