This WOD was created to help you find more muffin top exercises. There are SO many out there, therefore I have chosen the best of the best. As a result of my education and experience as an Exercise Physiologist, this is what my intuition tells me about the movements.


Because it will help you strengthen the muscles around that area. It takes to work off the muffin top, but where there’s a will there a way! That is why I am creating these WODs! To help YOU! This is what I was put on this earth for, to help YOU!

Ok enough with the gushy stuff, let’s get to work on the muffin top routine…

WOD #2 Muffin Top Exercises

1-6 Rounds:

  • Side Bends- 15 reps per side
  • Standing Twist- 30 reps total
  • Jack Knife- 15 reps

Let me know how this goes for you!

Thank you for letting me help you on your journey…

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Always remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up, then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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