It’s been a while since Molly and Samuel have been in a WOD video. I had NO idea how much they sink in, but today Molly and Samuel show off their skills.

Because working out is a BIG part of what I do each day those little buggers are like sponges. All it takes is a few words or better yet, ACTIONS for your children to learn from you. That’s a MAJOR responsibility.

When you become a parent there is a chemical change in your brain. As a result of this change the love you emulate is like none other. When you realize that you are 50% of your child’s DNA and they learn EXACTLY what you do, hopefully you’re setting them up for success.

Take WOD #182 for example…

Molly and Samuel show off their skills, but they don’t even think they are showing off. They are only doing what they see every day. I couldn’t believe what how many push-ups Molly and Samuel did. Watch the video below and see. They make me proud each and every day. I Love them more than life itself.


When you think your children are not watching you, think again. Your kids are ALWAYS watching. Therefore being aware of your movement patterns, eating habits, self talk, how you talk to others and how you treat yourself. Go get your kids (or a family members kids) and teach them the WOD 182. If you like it and see that it could benefit others, then share it with that person you’re thinking about.

Here we go, let’s get it done.

WOD #182 Molly And Samuel Show Off Their Skills

Warm-up – 5 Minutes Cardio

1-6 Rounds

  • Push-ups – 10-20 reps
  • Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes – 5 Times Through The Entire Song
  • Corkscrew – 20-40 reps
  • Mule Kick – 20-40 reps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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