MIXING MOVEMENT PUNCHES RECKLESSLYHave you ever gotten so mad that you just wanted to punch something, but was worried you would get hurt? Well today’s WOD helps you by mixing movement punches recklessly without getting hurt.

Many times I have gotten so mad that all I wanted to do is just punch something. The technique of a good solid punch isn’t something that is talked a lot about.

A good solid punch is when your feet are staggered, your elbows are tucked tight into your sides and your core is pulled in tight.

Then as you go to throw that punch let out a good “HA” so that your core stays tight.

Think of a noodle and a stick…

If you got hit by a wet noodle, would it hurt? No

IF you got hit with a thick stick, would it hurt? Yes

Your body is the same. Keeping your core tight and staggering your step helps you be more like a stick, then a wet noodle.

So let’s give all this some practice with WOD #88 mixing movement punches recklessly. And when I say recklessly I mean purposefully. We all need to be a little reckless every now and again because we need spontaneity to keep things fun.

Ok here it is…

WOD #88 Mixing Movement Punches Recklessly

3-4 Rounds

  • Plank Hold 30 seconds
  • Prone Opposite Arm and Leg Heel Taps 30 reps total
  • Calf Raise 30 reps
  • High knees 30 seconds
  • Cross Punches 30 seconds

Have a GREAT day!!

Keep up the good work!!

Watch the video below. I show you exactly what this WOD looks like…

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