mentally believing infinite possibilitiesDo you think you can do ANYTHING in life? If not WOD #193 will definitely challenge your mental beliefs. Mentally believing infinite possibilities is something that takes practice.

When talking about mental health we usually go towards depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses. I’m talking about something different with this WOD and coaching piece. When coaching my clients teaching them about their beliefs towards themselves is key.

Because the main stream media likes us to think that our bodies “turn fat into muscle” it’s crazy to me that SO many people get this stuck in their head. Therefore I’m here to shed some light on that situation.

Fat is energy…

It requires energy to move your body…

Therefore (in simple terms) your body USES fat as energy. Then while you are working out or moving your body, in this case bodyweight training, you are using energy to strengthen your muscles. Some people might think that the scale is the end all be all for progress when it comes to health…

But it is quite the opposite…

Some people can lose weight without even trying. Others have to work VERY hard at it. Because of the media we are up against some VERY heavy hitters. So take what you’ve learned about energy and apply it to your own experience.

Measure your progress in Inches not Pounds. Then when the weight stops coming off, you will still be motivated to keep going. All you’re doing when you become “leaner” is changing your bodies composition. Meaning you will have less fat and more muscle. The only way you can TRULY know that is if the inches are coming off and your weight is staying the same.

If you’re weight is staying the same and you are NOT losing inches you are NOT using more energy (aka fat) and gaining muscle. You are simply put at a plateau. That is a time for another CHANGE.

So let’s change your mental belief’s about how to turn muscle into fat (because that’s not even physiologically possible) and get moving more with WOD #193.

WOD #193 Mentally Believing Infinite Possibilities

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

1-6 Rounds
Reps: 10-20

  • Dips
  • Plank Climbers
  • Push-Up Hold – 10, 20 or 30 Seconds
  • Arm Circles

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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