Meaningful Challenging Boxing Movements

When thinking of boxing what do you think of? For me it’s meaningful challenging boxing movements. Boxing is a science and and art at the same time. Most people don’t think of boxing as either of them, but that’s because they don’t see past the barbaric action of it…

WOD #54 is all about meaningful challenging boxing movements…

Have you ever watched a full boxing match before? Or have you ever taken boxing lessons?

Well I have done both. Practicing in the exercise field since 2008 really helps a person learn every aspect of it.

Today’s workout is one for the books for sure. It will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally.

That’s where more of the preparation comes from. If you have ever heard about the preparation of a boxer, then you know it’s WAY more mental and constant repetitive movements of their opponents.

Now, I understand you don’t have an opponent, but maybe you do. Maybe that person who looks right back at you in the mirror IS your opponent. If you think that it is easy to counter punch that second voice that tells you “I don’t have time to workout today”, then you are wrong.

It takes SERIOUS practice to shut that voice up. I am fully aware that I may sound crazy, but it’s true. One of the best ways to do this is to take action and get moving. Boxing technique is something that can be practiced. So can the ability to have more confidence in yourself.

So let’s get to it…

WOD #54 Meaningful Challenging Boxing Movements

4-5 Rounds

  • Push-Ups to failure
  • Punches- 40 reps
  • Speed Bag Punches- 40 reps

You ARE worth it!!

Keep saying that to yourself!!

Keep going!!

The video below shows you exactly what to do. It was a ton of fun making it.

Google is a crazy resource. Check out what google has on this topic – Go Here For That

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