Bill owned and operated a very successful manufacturing company. This manufacturing company was always trying to recruit new employees because employees were constantly getting hurt due to overuse injuries. Bill’s story was a manufacturing mess made marvelous. Due to working with Jed Kobernusz Bill definitely feels he saved his business from getting shut down by OSHA. 

Bill’s manufacturing company was on the verge of getting shut down by OSHA due to his OSHA pRecordable Injuries. Bill searched for campaniles or professionals to come in and make the proper changes directed from OSHA. Bill didn’t know where to start. He didn’t know the first thing about ergonomics and injury prevention. He was aware of the injuries, but he didn’t think his employees were doing anything bad for their bodies. 

After searching for hours Bill tried one more search. He thought that work was enough of a workout. So he searched “Is work enough of a workout for people?” Jed’s article about “Daily work does not equal exercise” popped up first. He read it and loved the message. It’s was a quick read and was a great introduction to who Jed Kobernusz really is. 

Bill contacted Jed Kobernusz right away. They came to an agreement on a plant tour. Bill’s company paid for Jed to come to the plant for a week. Jed assessed Bill’s current processes and provided a big picture view of the required OSHA changes. Jed even provided Bill with specific changes to prevent future injuries. 

Day 1 of the assessment Bill was impressed by Jed’s ability to change the poor attitudes of his employees. Jed even led the WOD (Workout Of the Day) before starting the second half of the day to get them warmed up. Jed referred Bill and his employees to Jed’s program called The 365 WOD Journey

Bill was in awe that the program was 100% free. That inspired Bill to hire Jed right away. They came up with a contract that both felt good about. Bill contacted OSHA and they agreed to work with Jed directly. Because Jed had the proper credentials to help, the manufacturing mess made marvelous is worth telling everyone about. 

After that first week, Jed retuned home and worked remotely. He worked with the operators, leads, supervisors and managers to do ergonomic assessments so that they can all have ownership in preventing future injuries. Jed also helps them stay consistent with their 365 WOD Journey program through their own Facebook Group. They do their WODs as a warm-up before they start work. Even after break times! 

With the permanent changes Bill’s company made, people are turning in applications daily. Bill no longer has to search for people to work for him. Therefore, he is grateful for the services that Jed Kobernusz continues to provide. 

Even as I write this the company and Bill are “Pretend.” However, they are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. I go out to the company once a year for a week to ramp up their 365 WOD Journey program. We also celebrate the people who have finished their 365 WOD Journey. It is an incredibly rewarding experience every time. 

If you want to hire me to make your manufacturing mess made marvelous and get out hot water with OSHA, then shoot me an email at [email protected] and let’s get started today.

Jed Kobernusz – ACSM-EPC, CEAS-I,
Certified Exercise Physiologist
Body Weight Movement Coach
Email: [email protected]

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